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Rentokil Moth Killer Cassettes FM41

Our Price: £3.35

Rentokil Carpet Moth Killer Cassettes (FM41) are an important component in any comprehensive moth eradication treatment or can simply be used to ensure your wardrobes stay moth free as they contain the insecticide transfluthrin, which kills adult carpet moths, eggs and larvae. Although specifically designed for hanging over clothes rails in wardrobes, these Cassettes can also be placed in drawers or storage trunks to protect clothing against moth damage. 

The Cassettes are odourless, non-staining and are effective for up to 6 months. They also have a handy time indicator which alerts you when the Cassettes need replacing.

For complete moth control, please see our Clothes Moth Kits, which include this product along with Formula 'C' - a residual moth killer spray, fumigating Foggers and moth traps.

Each pack contains 2 cassettes, which will cover an area of 1 cubic metre. 

NB This product has now been replaced by Pest Expert Clothes Moth Killer Cassettes containing transfluthrin at maximum strength.

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