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Rentokil Advanced Mouse Traps (Twin Pack)

Our Price: £8.95
Rentokil's Advanced Mouse Traps have been built with a new and improved trapping action and robust design. The powerful mechanism is very easy to set, bait and reset.

To use the traps simply place on a level surface, ideally near a wall to floor junction as rodents will feel along using their whiskers to account for their poor eyesight, bait using either chocolate spread or peanut butter for best results.

It is always recommended that you wear gloves when handling dead rodents and that the body is double bagged for safe disposal. 
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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

BEWARE OF CHEAP POOR QUALITY GLUE TRAPS. OURS ARE INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! With an extra strong adhesive, these highly effective mouse glue boards are ideal for extreme situations. Sticky boards provide a rapid method of mouse control, ideal for situations where mouse traps, mouse poison or baits have failed, or an alternative food source is hampering control. (ONLY £13.20 PER 24 = 55p EACH, WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLE PACKS)
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Rentokil Seal and Kill Mouse Traps (Twinpack)

Rentokil Seal and Kill Mouse Traps (Twinpack)

The Rentokil Seal and Kill Mouse Trap is an easy-to-set unit that kills mice quickly and hygienically. The beauty of this enclosed mouse trap, is that it enables you to dispose of the dead rodent without coming into contact with, or having to touch it. The fact that this mouse trap is completely enclosed also makes it perfect for use in homes with children and/or pets, as there is no risk to fingers. Each pack contains 2 mouse traps.
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Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Traps (Twin Pack)

Rentokil Quick Set Mouse Traps (Twin Pack)

The Quick Set Mouse Trap from Rentokil delivers high catch rates to get rid of mice fast but, unlike traditional mouse traps, its easy one-click mechanism means you won't lose fingers while setting it! In addition, it has a clean, simple squeeze-release action, which involves no contact with the mouse at the time of disposal. (ONLY £2.47 PER MOUSE TRAP)
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Darin Nicholson-Newhaven-5 Stars

Fantastic product

I recently purchased two twin packs as we found to have a mouse stealing our dogs biscuits through the night. After I received them I set all 4 traps under the kitchen cupboards where the mouse was seen to come and go from. I baited it with a bit of crunchy peanut butter and cut the dog biscuit up a placed a small piece on top of the peanut butter. We heard the traps spring in the evening while we were watching tv in the evening. To my astonishment the traps had caught two. I disposed of the mice and reset the traps and by the next morning I caught another two. Fantastic product and easy to use.