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Rat Traps & Repellers

Humane & Traditional Rat Traps from only £2.95!

A selection of both traditional and innovative rat control products including Easy Set Metal Rat Traps, Humane Rat Cage Trap and Ultrasonic Rat Repellers, as well as Rat Glue Traps for fast and effective eradication of a rat problem.

If you are looking for an different method of rat control, please see our Rat Poison and Rat Glue Traps pages.

Featured Products
Rat Cage Trap

Rat Cage Trap

The STV Rat Cage Trap has been produced to a professional standard. It has a highly effective 'quick shut' door mechanism and protective top plate for safe handling once a rat is caught. From our experience as a pest control company, avoiding possible scratches from rodents is very important, and makes this protective plate essential. This high quality product, provides an excellent solution for those wishing to effectively and humanely trap rats.
Price: £19.95
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