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Rat Poison Bait Blocks 1.5kg from Pest Expert (Professional Strength - 5 x 300g)

Our Price: £21.95

Product Information

These top quality rat poison bait blocks are professionally formulated by industry leaders Pest Expert® to achieve swift, effective results.

Independent tests have shown this rat bait to repeatedly out-perform waxy blocks, which are less palatable to rats. Pest Expert Rat Bait Blocks contain the maximum legal concentration of the powerful rodenticide Brodifacoum (0.0029%), making them a highly effective rat killer, even on warfarin-resistant rodents.

Rodent control in a single feed!

This rat bait is designed to have multiple gnawing edges to encourage the habit rats and rodents have of gnawing and feeding, meaning that feeds last longer and more poison is ingested. This combined with our wax-free blend of natural ingredients made here in the UK make this rat poison an effective solution to your rat infestation.

Rats are able to consume a lethal dose of poison in just one feed, making the poison more reliable and meaning you don’t have to wait for multiple feeds before the poison takes effect and brings the rats under control.

Usage information

These rat bait blocks are easy to use and fit into our lockable rat bait tunnels, which are specifically designed for this purpose. This keeps the bait secure for the rats whilst also ensuring that the bait stays out of the reach of children, pets and other non-target species.

To use:

  • Place up to 60g of blocks in a Lockable Rat Bait Tunnel or Bait Box and place stations along rat runs (or anywhere else activity has been noticed) at 5-10m intervals.
  • Check bait boxes every 5-7 days and replenish rat poison blocks as necessary until no more bait is taken.

These rat bait blocks are weatherproof, making them an ideal solution to an infestation both inside and outside the home or commercial premises.

Pest Expert Rat & Mouse Poison Bait Blocks are a professional-strength rodenticide containing the unique single-feed active, Brodifacoum, formulated at the maximum legal concentration of 0.0029%.

We recommend our Rat Bait Block Kits, which include rait bait blocks as well as lockable rat bait stations to give you piece of mind, especially if you have pets or children.

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Customer Reviews

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Chris-Wakefield-5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating rodents.

Thomas-Manchester-5 Stars

Product was delivered on time and is effectively getting rid of the the rats!

Michelle-Alton-5 Stars

this rat poison is more effective than any others that we ave used.

Shelley-London-5 Stars

Excellent product and service.

John-Cambridge-5 Stars

Good product delivered on time and very efficient communication. Highly recommended.

Furiato-Sunderland-5 Stars

Absolutely amazing product, delivery on time and very great customer service regarding the purchase, fast and professional

David-St Andrews-5 Stars

Good service and good products. Good delivery and the product works.

Robert-Windsor-5 Stars

Product arrived on time and performed exactly as described. We had problems with rats in the chicken’s enclosure but after just a couple of days the problem has gone!

Fred-Hertfordshire-5 Stars

Ordered rat bait blocks Thursday, delivered the following day and, although it needed two applications, eradicated quite a large number of rats. Use of other baits had failed to solve the problem so I am particularly pleased with this product and at a reasonable cost. Would recommend this product and company to anyone.

Julia-Kent-5 Stars

Excellent service and product does what it says on the tin

Nicki-Liverpool-5 Stars

Fantastic service and a great product. Highly recommend

Gill-Camden-5 Stars

Easy and effective - what's not to like

Johnny-Fife-5 Stars

Excellent product with an immediate delivery! What more could you ask for!? If I ever have a problem again (which I hope not) I will not hesitate to use again!!! Thank you.

Chris-Romford-5 Stars

A very good and quick service, it works very quickly I would recommend to any one that has rat trouble

Mr Hughes-Yorkshire-5 Stars

Very quick delivery. It's being gobbled up at the moment so the mice/rats love it

Marianne-Blackpool-5 Stars

I was impressed with the quick handling of my order and shipped swiftly. The first portion was emptied over night! So welome rats, eat your heart out!

Paul-Plymouth-5 Stars

Fast,efficient and reasonable price

Richard-Manchester-5 Stars

Very easy to order & products delivered very quickly

Mr Winson-Durham-5 Stars

excellent service, quick deliver too

Graeme-Salisbury-5 Stars

A fantastic & very fast service a great product works very well

Allen-Reading-5 Stars

Excellent, prompt service. Delivered next day at the stated time. Highly recommended

John-Barnsley-5 Stars

First class delivery. Everything we needed for the job. Excellent all round.

Graham-Leeds-5 Stars

Exactly as ordered and speedily delivered

Raymond-Darlington-5 Stars

the best service from any on line shop I have used keep it that way

Jeremy-Margate-5 Stars

Pest Expert provided the best price for the item I needed and delivered them swiftly.

Pat-Liverpool-5 Stars

Great website and very easy to negotiate. Order came within two days.

Gary-Grimsby-5 Stars

Excellent product! Pests are very quick to eat the bait.

Pauline-Sheffield-5 Stars

Very swift delivery. Extremely pleased with the product I ordered. Would highly recommend, I know I will be using Pest Expert again.

Russel-Crewe-5 Stars

very good company kept informed at all times on delivery and prices very good. Good packaging and delivered by a very good courier so what more can i say thank you very much.

Tom-Stoke-5 Stars

Excellent service with quick delivery.

Sarah-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

The products arrived on time. We have been using the poison and it seems to be doing what it said it would. Hopefully keep the little bleeders away.

Mark-Derby-5 Stars

Delivery was as said and i was kept upto date with when parcel was being delivered. Goods were of good quality and as described. Can't fault them thus 5 star rating...

Linsey-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Great service from ordering product to delivery, I received a message to say when my order would arrive and if I wasn’t going to be there I could change the option, the delivery driver was really very pleasant considering he was delivering to me after 6.00 pm, I wouldn’t hesitate to use again

John-Coventry-5 Stars

Very fast delivery as promised so baiting could commence without delay. Bait works as described and suddenly the problem had disappeared. That says it all

Colleen-Newcastle-5 Stars

Spot on service & product. Best commercially available rodent poison out there. Thankyou

Martin-Brighton-5 Stars

Product arrived in good time. Put the rat poison out....3 blocks did the trick. No sign of rat! Worked for me! Thank you very much!!

Harvey-Northampton-5 Stars

Package arrived on time. Product worked as advertised.

Lisa-Swindon-5 Stars

The product worked very well and the rodents have not been seen for a few days now. I would certainly advise other people to use it.

Stewart-Harrogate-5 Stars

I have a lot of hedgehogs that visit my back garden. I put food out for them. My wildlife camera picked up rats sharing the food. Didn't want that. Used your product and within 10 days or so there is no more sightings of rats. Those hedgehogs that are still awake (not hibernating) can now eat undisturbed.

Ella-Exeter-5 Stars

Excellent service. Great value for money. Quick and simple kit, with everything included. The individually wrapped sachets made it easy, and also practical as I don't have to worry about the poison attracting mice, and can also use if necessary in the future.

MTS-Whitby-5 Stars

I bought the Mouse Poison Kit 1 which arrived on time and securely packaged. I just missed the next day deadline for ordering, so it took 2 days, but I had texts to advise the delivery time to within an hour. Excellent service. The product seems to be doing its job and the contents of the kit seem to cover all options for internal and external use. The boxes and poison blocks are good to protect non-targeted birds and pets etc.

Mrs Canning-Leeds-5 Stars

The rat poison arrived on time and was exactly what I was looking for I would recommend this company to anyone

Neil Jones-Norwich-5 Stars

Very fast delivery. Product (rat poison), immediate success .

Paul Yarde-Salisbury-5 Stars

We had a rat scurrying about and chewing in the loft. I put out a tray of your poison and no more rat. So, I guess it worked just fine. I will be carrying on with the regime as instructed. Thanks.

Colin Bass-Canterbury-5 Stars

My order arrived ahead of the time advised. I was not at home, and the parcel was left in my porch, where I would have asked for it if I had been asked. The parcel arrived in excellent condition, containing exactly what I had ordered. I cannot tell you yet whether the new pink rat poison works because the previous blue consignment seems to have eliminated the rats.

Sandie Jackson-Bournemouth-5 Stars

I bought the 3kg rat poison kit as we had rats and mice in our loft. The product arrived really quickly and seems to be very effective. I would definitely recommend this company.

Praveen-Dartmoor-5 Stars

In the past i have used different ways to get rid of mice, spent nearly £500 nothing worked. The mouse killer pack from Pest Control has really worked. I strongly recommend the product. The service is 5 stars, received the pack next day. only one negative point is that we need to pay the delivery charges which is approx. £5.99, After seeing the difference felt it’s worth it.

Mark-York-5 Stars

The only Rat poison that kills the rats and not feed them. Excellent prices and good communication. The only source I use for my rat poison.

Lesley Hollands-Brighton-5 Stars

Rat poison arrived quickly was a very good price. Rats already eating it so will hopefully have got rid of the very soon.

J Brack-Skegness-5 Stars

Formula B rat killer does the job, there is no doubt about that. An option for a cheaper delivery cost - longer period - rather than next day and that's that would help those who are not businesses even more

Rose-Wakefield-5 Stars

Fast efficient service

helpful staff answered my question

Mike Dumbarton-Nottingham-5 Stars

first class product and service

Ordered Rat blocks and feeder stations it takes two blocks to each feed station, but keeps it safe away from the grand kids and pets, simple little locking system so good design.

Elizabeth-Liverpool-5 Stars

Always efficient with a fast service. And their products work!

I am always happy to refer this company to friends their products are good, they actually work and their service is fast and efficient.

Sally Marriott-Chesterfield-5 Stars

prompt service

good products recommended

Dave-Lincoln-5 Stars

Excellent service and product

Jamie-Dover-5 Stars

great service and products - thanks again

Kathleen-Detford-5 Stars

very relaiable

order arrived when it was due.....all present and correct and we were kept informed as to where the parcel was at every step.

Ian Hill-Essex-5 Stars

Very pleased with the website and efficient order/communication/delivery processes.

Josef-Harwich-5 Stars

Good all round experience

Next day delivery, a reasonable price and the rats are enjoying the poison as it is going down quickly!

Andy-Sutton-5 Stars

Fast efficient service

Fast efficient service, kept up to date on progress, delivery man was within 10 min of advertised time

Barbara-Northwich-5 Stars

A winning combination.

Next day delivery and a product that seems to have done the trick. What more could you ask for?

Edteamslr-Oxford-5 Stars

Quick delivery, good price, very pleased

No hesitation recommending this firm. - Clear instructions - Clear pricing - Well packed for delivery Working so far. No more rats.

Martin-Cornwall-5 Stars

Good service and fast delivery

Linda-Lincoln-5 Stars

From order to prompt delivery problem free.

Placed order and item exactly as described was delivered promptly. Have recommended to friends.

Guillaume-Leeds-5 Stars

Great service

Not cheap but very effective and friendly service!

David Kirby-SHEFFIELD-5 Stars

Great service

Item arrived quickly and as described

Mrs M Wheal-Durham-5 Stars


i have used the rat poison i purchased from pest expert with great results. the rat have been eradicated and i am so pleased i chose their formula B to get rid of the rats form my garden.

Robert Henderson-Swansea-5 Stars

excellent effective product, good value, prompt delivery

I think the above says it all

Paul-Birmingham-5 Stars

easy to use done the job perfectly.

Great service product easy to use and completely got the job done.

Jill Green-Sheffield-5 Stars

Excellent service

Quick, efficient service

James-Nottingham-5 Stars

Very good service

I ordered two products the same by mistake, and they sent me an e-mail to say I may have ordered the same thing twice. They ask if it was a mistake(so I could cancel one) which was pick up by them. Delivery was quick, all round good service.

EMRJ-Doncaster-5 Stars

Great, quick service

Great, quick service, helpful staff.

David-Newcastle-5 Stars

It did what it was supposed to

I ordered some stuff, communication on order progress was good, it arrived, my money left my account... that's the way a shopping transaction is supposed to happen. Unsure how effective the product is yet as I've not found anything to kill yet.

Philip Foxe-Wrexham-5 Stars

Seem to do the job

My goods arrived very quickly. Whether they are effective or not only time will tell

Colin Blake-London-5 Stars

pest contorl supplies at its best

very good product info easy ordering procedure Easy transaction from ordering to payment will use again when we need pest control supplies.

Candida-Glasgow-5 Stars

The sweeties arrived quickly and now all my bare tailed friends have belly ache!

I always use Pest Control Supermarket if I have a rat problem. My order arrives quickly and the product works well.

Keith-Manchester-5 Stars

DEAD` haha!!

read reviews on rat killing. ordered poison. fed it to the vermin. picked up dead ones. happy bunny :-)

Ruth-Liverpool-5 Stars

What an excellent service

I was extremely impressed with the service. What I ordered arrived early next day and it saved me trawling retail establishments to find what I needed and it saved me petrol

j devine-Waterlooville-5 Stars

Excellent service

Good product which was delivered quickly and efficiently - no messing

Gerry Bellas-LINCOLN-5 Stars

Great Service.Great item,Great Deal.~~~~~THANKS

I would highly recommend this company to anyone !

Kevin Beever-ABERGELE-5 Stars

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, kept informed at every stage of purchase right through to delivery.

Elizabeth-Totnes-5 Stars

Very quick delivery

Every item as ordered - got to beat those rats - the season will start soon

John-London-5 Stars

Perfect! Great value and speedy delivery via ParcelForce.

Top quality items at good prices, delivered next day. I couldn't ask for more. Also using ParcelForce meant that my package was easily obtainable from the local Post Office when I missed the delivery. I would thoroughly recommend Pest Control Supermarket and, though I hope not to need any further items for a while, if I do I'll be straight back.

Brian J-Leighton Buzzard-5 Stars

They've gone !!

Haven't seen rats for days so obviously effective - thanks for prompt service.

Kirren-Hitchen-5 Stars

I was sceptical, but it worked and helpful advice on phone and next day delivery. Excellent service and products.

The poison worked and that was the most important thing. Customer service and deivery excellent too.

Ken-Devizes-5 Stars

The best of the pest market.

Their service is delivered exactly as advertised.

John Baker-Wisbech-5 Stars

Great company to deal with.

Good service, good price, delivered as stated. A+

Michael Drysdale-Shannon-5 Stars

Quick delivery, no messing, clear instructions.

The rats appear to be using the bait and I expect they will disappear in due course. Could have enclosed more than one set of plastic gloves. The instructions are clear and easily followed.

Phillip-Cardiff-5 Stars

Reliable and prompt - A reliable and prompt supplier

David Adams-Leicester-5 Stars


I recently bought some cheap, bright pink bait blocks from Amazon, (if you see these don't waste your money, they didn't work and the rats won't eat them). I recognised the branding on these being Antec DuPont, it's being 6 days since I first put them down and not a rat since! Excellent product and delivered next day as promised.