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Rat Killer Poison 3kg - Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength - 30 x 100g)

Our Price: £18.95

Pest Expert Formula 'B'  Rat Killer Poison 3kg (30 x 100g)

Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Poison is an effective rat killer that contains the strongest formulation of Brodifacoum available in the UK. Brodifacoum has proven to be so good at controlling rats - 4 times stronger than Bromadiolone - that it is now the most powerful formulation of rat poison in the UK amateur pest control market, and is known for its high success rate.

The fact that this rat poison is produced in the UK means that it doesn’t contain any of the attractants which are often added into imported products to increase uptake and disguise a poor quality poison which can take much longer or be completely uneffective.
This poison is the best rat killer to deal with an infestation, follow our easy steps below to execute an effective and fast pest control solution. 
  • Place rat poison in areas where you have noticed rodent activity, e.g. on rat runs, along fences or walls, where droppings have been found, near to or inside rat burrows.
  • Use 100g of rat poison at each baiting point, located roughly 10 metres apart, or 5 metres where high levels of rat activity are noted.
  • Check baiting points every 5-7 days, replacing any poison taken. When feeding stops, this is your indication that control has been achieved!
  • Use tamper-resistant bait boxes to make poison inaccessible to children, pets, birds and other non-target wildlife.
Formula 'B' Rat Killer is ideal for eradicating rats in both indoor or outdoor situations, including garden sheds, lofts / roof spaces, under kitchen units, etc. It is also perfect for commercial use in warehouses, factories, restaurants, food premises, and farms.

When using this rat poison care must be taken to ensure that it is not exposed to children, pets or non-target species as it can cause a lot of harm if ingested. We have heavy duty lockable rat bait station available to protect the poison in sensitive areas, see the related products below.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w.

Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Now supplied in 30 easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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Customer Reviews

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Maxine-Hartlepool-5 Stars

my house became infested with rats, they were running in the attic, the walls and in the floorboards, we blocked everything up and i tried other traps and poisons to no avail. then i bought some blue pellet poison and put it everywhere. within 24 hrs they were all gone!!!! fantastic stuff!!


Put bait down for 4 days and they took it all...felt like I was feeding them !!!! Started to panic ,thinking I had a major infestation.....and then there was nothing. Had been having problems for weeks catching the odd one or two using traps but now no more. Would recommend to anyone.

William-Hull-5 Stars

I've ordered pest control products for rats from Pest Control Supermarket on a number of occasions and have always been very pleased with the quality of the items and speed of delivery - thoroughly recommended!

Graham-Kenilworth-5 Stars

I have gotten rid of my rodents they have left my property I'm very happy it was very quick and easy to do

Jane-Manchester-5 Stars

Very good stuff. It worked well when my daughter was invaded by rats. Its a pity my husband can't get a move on and sort out the attic!

Paula-Lincoln-5 Stars

very good for getting rid of vermin

Trevor-Aberdeen-5 Stars

Great service and communication purchase came really quickly and more importantly the pest control materials worked within 4 days completely in terminating the problem rats.

Robert-Reading-5 Stars

Delivery was prompt and the product as advertised. I have already sorted my immediate rat problem and will continue to use the product as and when required.

Alan-Norton-5 Stars


Stephen-Portsmouth-5 Stars

After no luck with several other products I now have no rats in less than a week! Look no thurther to get rid of your rodent problems

Neil-Bolton-5 Stars

Product delivered on time and exactly what they said it would, rats gone. Thank you

Amanda-Glasgow-5 Stars

Very prompt delivery. I have used this product before and found it affective.

Maureen-South Kensington-5 Stars

Excellent product and excellent service. As the saying goes, does exactly what it says on the tin.

Joe-London-5 Stars

Great price and the poison works unlike many different poisons I've used!

Scott-Newcastle-5 Stars

First time I've used the Formula B and I can honestly say I won't be buying another brand! Pest Expert know how to make a decent rat poison - good price too!

Daniel-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Rats can be bad in the winter up in Scotland, but this poison has helped me keep the numbers down!

Yasim-Birmingham-5 Stars

Used the poison in my shop and it got rid of the rats in less than a week! Really strong medicine for rats!

Jeremy-Ipswich-5 Stars

This poison never fails to impress me! Seem to always get rats in the garden in the colder months, the formula b has done the trick once again! 5 stars!!

Luke-Halifax-5 Stars

I chose Pest Expert Rat Poison because of the competitive price, I will now choose Pest Expert Rat Poison because of the fantastic results!

Lynne-Skegness-5 Stars

I've been buying Pest Expert Formula B Rat Poison for years and it never fails to deliver results - by far the best rat poison we've ever used *****

Sandra-Manchester-5 Stars

Absolutely amazing product, delivery on time and very great customer service regarding the purchase, fast and professional!

Alan-South London-5 Stars

Good service and good products. Good delivery and the product works.

Joanne-Newcastle-5 Stars

Order arrived next day with clear instructions and a pair of gloves - Thank you for the Rat Poison guys!

Stuart-London-5 Stars

Rats were driving me mad!! I found the Pest Expert website on line and found it really comprehensive and easy to use. Ordering was easy and delivery quick and efficient and the Formula B Rat Poison works well!

Jeremy-London-5 Stars

Prompt excellent communication at every stage of the process, quick delivery and a quality product which was later endorsed by the Council's pest control officer!!

Reece-Grimsby-5 Stars

Fast delivery and service Goods worked too. Far less rats now!!!

Oliver-Swinton-5 Stars

Easy to order, received next day and most importantly, it worked - excellent results.

Noel-Retford-5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert Formula B as product is very effective for eliminating rodents.

Jackie-Swindon-5 Stars

These products were recommended to me by a friend. The website was easy to use and the delivery very fast. Most importantly they work!

Daniel-Nottingham-5 Stars

Service was excellent delivered next day as I was promised.This Rat poison is great stuff it does what it says on the tin. I have spent a lot of money on rat bait with no results.With this pest exspert formals plus I’m removing body daily .great stuff !!

Roger-Whitby-5 Stars

The product was delivered on time and is exactly as described, I am very satisfied with both product and customer service.

Peter-Dartford-5 Stars

The pleasure of buying rat poison is only the cost of the poison. I hat to kill any animals,,, but you cant have rats running around your business. So if you got to do it, you want to get good poison at a good price.

christopher-Essex-5 Stars

The delivery was very quick and have used the poison. It seems to have eradicated the rats so will buying again. Good product and good service.

Alexander-Leeds-5 Stars

was very sceptical about these products having had environmental health round who frankly were useless telling me to get in Rentokil. I was getting 2 - 4 rats a day & they were coming up the brook so Rentokil would have not worked as they were coming from way up the brook. I bought 4 of your bait boxes & tunnels along with a large amount of loose bait & solid blocks. Having tried to catch the rats in humane traps I was getting distraught as I could not get to the end of them. Since putting down these bait boxes & tunnels the bait disappeared & so have the rats. Thank you Pestcontrolsupermarket

Leighanne-Worksop-5 Stars

Product was delivered on time and is effectively getting rid of the the rats!

Darren-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Prompt delivery. Not used the product yet as previous stock still intact in the bait box.

William-Manchester-5 Stars

this rat poison is more effective than any others that we ave used.

Timothy-Glasgow-5 Stars

Have used Pest Expert products before and have been very satisfied with them for clearing rats. Fast delivery and love the one hour delivery slot, no waiting in all day not knowing when a parcel may arrive.

Suzie-Telford-5 Stars

Simple to use and really works! Ridded my flat of rats in days - fast delivery too!

Jerry-Rainham-5 Stars

I've used Formula B for the past 2 years and I will not use another rodenticide. Simply gets rid of rats!!!

Jack-Essex-5 Stars

Next day delivery and I was kept informed of progress. Products are simple to use and much better value for money than buying similar in shops. We had evidence of rats so the whole house has been treated and there are no more rats.

Natalie-Birmingham-5 Stars

Top quality product, 3 days after putting the poison down, I see no more rats. Formula B is the best poison I've ever used. Thanks guys *****

Kenny-Colchester-5 Stars

Have used this company for a few years now and all the products have been excellent. I live in an area with lots of rivers and underground streams (my house would have been IN the New River before it was straightened!), plus a few neighbours have chickens, so rats are a big problem. I've used a few other things previously, but they are more frustrating than effective, thus a waste of effort and money. Whenever we see any rats in the garden, I pop some Pest Expert products in the way and the rats oblige by eating them and disappearing..

Richard-York-5 Stars

This is the best company I have had the pleasure to deal with i have placed two,orders with them they constantly send you emails to tell you the status of your order even the time of delivery and it always happens.Wish every company was the same. Rat Poison works very well too! Richard

Steven-Saxilby-5 Stars

Excellent service. Prompt delivery and the goods do what it states on the tin. Very reliable and happy to recommend the company and their product to anyone

Andre-London-5 Stars

Absolutely amazing product, delivery on time and very great customer service regarding the purchase, fast and professional. The rats ate it and died!

John-St Ives-5 Stars

Rats were driving me mad!! I found the Pescontrolsupermarket website on line and found it really comprehensive and easy to use. Ordering was easy and delivery quick and efficient.

Frankie-Exeter-5 Stars

Highly efficient and customer focused service with the items ordered sent immediately and received the next day - product worked well and got rid of my rat problem. Would highly recommend Pestcontrolsupermarket

Carol-Watford-5 Stars

Product arrived on time and performed exactly as described. We had problems with rats in the chicken’s enclosure but after just a couple of days the problem has gone!

Lydia-Wakefield-5 Stars

Ordered rat poison Thursday, delivered the following day and, although it needed two applications, eradicated quite a large number of rats. Use of other baits had failed to solve the problem so I am particularly pleased with this product and at a reasonable cost. Would recommend this product and company to anyone.

Geoff-Sheffield-5 Stars

Great product, great delivery, greats results - No more rats!!

Dawn-Lincoln-5 Stars

good product, well the rats liked it!!? well packed 5*

Jane-Bristol-5 Stars

*PERFECT* Less Than 24 Hours From Ordering To My Door!! Happy Days!! 5/5 - Good uptake and results!

JP-London-5 Stars

Very pleased with purchase,fast delivery thank you - product worked well!

Andrew-London-5 Stars

Very organised and efficient. Organised, efficient, and good price. Free postage when order is over £50. Perfect !

James Maguire-London-5 Stars

one stop shop for all pest control requirements Pest control have a good range of products and are top quality, not like some of the weaker products that you can buy in shops. There is an easy order process, quick delivery and website gives practical information.

Kevin Jones-Swansea-5 Stars

Excellent service. Can't fault delivery time, product arrived the next day and was well packaged. Excellent value for money as it is doing what it says on the tin (Or tub in this case!) This is my first purchase from this website, and I will be using them again when I require anything else of this nature.

Eric Wyn-Maidstone-5 Stars

a ratatat service (quick quick!!) my order arrived within two days, have yet to test the contents

John Skinner-Ingatestone-5 Stars

product knocks them dead Excellent service and product was very effective against the rat problem I had

Alan-Newcastle-5 Stars

Excellent Does what it says on the tin

Jennifer Bunce-Iver Heath-5 Stars

Fast delivery which was just what I needed. Very quick to acknowledge order and corresponded every step of the way.

Peter-North Walsham-5 Stars

Rats Beware! When a rats reappeared in my bird feeding, I had only a small amount of Pest Expert Formula B left. However, fast delivery of a re-order, ensured eradication completed in 3 days.

David-East Dean-5 Stars

Hassle Free Service Product was easy to find and well described so you knew which product to select. Ordering also easily executed. Delivery very quick. No problems David

Stuart-Surburton-5 Stars

Prompt, fast and efficient I tyhoroughly recommend the Pest Control Supermarket. Their website was clear and ordering over the internet was simple and very quick, just like their delivery. I would use them again if I need further supplies

David-Manchester-5 Stars

Good service good product. Arrived promptly and works well . Thanks.

Thomas-NEWPORT-5 Stars

If reliability is the game then Pest Control Supermarket is the name Good Products great prices.

John-Barry Port-5 Stars

good price and delivery. as above description

Adrian-Chichester-5 Stars

Kept informed throughout the whole purchase and delivery

Rob Blakemore-Caterham-5 Stars

great poison! the rats were not taken in by the cages but the poison worked well!

Ms Steady-Hopton-5 Stars

Rapid delivery & effective solution I have been impressed by the excellent service provided by this company. The goods were excellent both in tackling the problems and in price.

Frederick Michael-Thetford-5 Stars

My rats seemed to really enjoy your product for several days, but now I think they are stuffed!! I have five greenhouses, four of which had a rat or rats visiting regularly. They obliterated several pots of newly planted tulip bulbs and crocuses, plus they had devastated several other plants in their pots in the greenhouses for the winter. I put some of the product in each of the greenhouses every day and it was eaten daily for about five days. I know that they were consuming the poison as there was green coloured faeces in the areas. However, now the product is just sitting in the shelves and has not been touched for several days, so hopefully the problem is now resolved. Thank you.

Barry-Crawley-5 Stars

Kept updated on order process, decent price with fast delivery. First time that I'd purchased from and must say that all went very smoothly, as it should. I was updated with order status and the price that I paid was very competitive. The goods arrived very quickly.I put down one lot of rat bait which went and now second lot hasn't been touched and no more rats at present Based on this initial buying experience and performance of product I would recommend and buy again.

Roderick-Ellon-5 Stars

Kills rats stone dead. This company delivers the right product, right on time, I think I must have been just feeding the rats with the poison I got from the hardware store, but with the poison from Pest Control Supermarket I found the rats lying dead in the garden, I know where I will be buying my poison from now on should I need it.

Mark-Wimbourne-5 Stars

first class I caught the offending bengal tiger in minutes with their excellent trap

Anthony-Chapel St Leonards-5 Stars

A fairly priced and efficient product Would fully recommend this product and firm. The delivery was free, the product is most effective, delivered as promised - good service all round.


so far so good I tried some other poison, but this product seems to have solved my problem. Would have no hesitation in recommending.

Andrew Neillie-Kilbarchan-5 Stars

excellent service Very quick and efficient, great service

Mike-Sheffield-5 Stars

Rat poison worked very well Rat poison worked very well, 3 days and the consumption had gone down from 4 out of 6 troughts down to 2 over night I think it was dead by day five ! but now we have the SMELL it's under the floor but as our floor has been over layed there is only 1 place in the airing cupboard,it's a bungalow that I can get 1 board up

Liz-Telford-5 Stars

Rat Poison The item arrived within a couple of days, excellent service. Also the web site was easy to use.

john allan hogg-Kendal-5 Stars


Jim-Beccles-5 Stars

RAT DEATH Good service. No problems. Delivery was really quick. Nice one.

Jeffrey McGowan-Cheadle-5 Stars

MAKE PESTS A THING OF THE PAST! With a large garden and pet house containing 15 guinea pigs we were plagued with rats and mice. Tried a variety of products from supermarkets and DIY shops with little or no effect. If anything, the vermin population increased as the rodents chomped on what appeared to be corn dyed pink. The local council wanted £70 to make one visit. Tried this product with immediate results overnight. As well as the guinea pigs we have two German shepherd dogs running free, so the repellant had to be pet-safe. Excellent product and very customer-friendly company. Rat's the way to do it!

Roy-WIGTOFT-5 Stars

Rapid response, order arrived very quickly Order arrived as described, if the rat poison acts as quickly, then I'll be more than satisfied

Ken-Essedon-5 Stars

would use this company again and again the service provided was efficient and cost effective - would use the company again when needed.

Dave-Exeter-5 Stars

The Rats are dying in large nymbers!!! Easy to place the order, the price was right and it arrived on time and is busy killing rats.

Stephen-Doncaster-5 Stars

excellent service Good products good service fast delivery!

Mr R J Addis-Pencoder-5 Stars

Very Good Good product, good service

Andy-Barnsley-5 Stars

first class service. Highly recommend this company, trusted service.

Cheryl-Chichester-5 Stars

Excellent service excellent products My mums garden was over run with rats Pest Controls efficeint service and quality products has enabled her to get them under control...

Phillip-Daventry-5 Stars

This rat poison works Unfortunately, the rats attracted no doubt by our chickens, found their way into the house and could be heard running around in the walls. I found a couple of holes, and put the poison nearby and under furniture with short legs. Presumealy the rats were suspicious at first, but 2 nights later some pison got eaten, and the next day I found 2 very lethargic rats, which were easily caught and disposed of.

david benson-Scarisbirch-5 Stars

am well chuffed. this has been my first purchase from this company. everything arrived no problems was more than pleased and would use them again

David-London-5 Stars

Top Service! The poison arrived quickly and worked like a charm. The person I spoke to prior to ordering was very helpful.

Anna Maria-Bude-5 Stars

The Rat'sKnees Fantastic service and reasonable price. Delivered within 2 days and really good communications. Thank you

Joanna M-Woldingham-5 Stars

overall very good service! Excellent and fast service.

Peter C-Maidstone-5 Stars

Prompt service Well packed - No fuss - good product

V. Speed-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

Quicker than the rats my husband's been trying to catch. Excellent, fast service with good communication at every stage. Arrived when it said it would, will use again though hope it won't be necessary! Thank you!

frank turner-Great Yarmouth-5 Stars

mice and rats dont like you? very good service delivery was very quick thank you .

Philip Watts-Wisbech-5 Stars

Excellent I ordered from this company and they were excellent from start to finish.Phil Watts

John Zarb-Hythe-5 Stars

good price, fast delivery, good products, recommend Ordered rat poison and bait boxes, excellent product, good service and prompt delivery. Very good communication from start to finish 5 star.


poison arrived quickly, rats disappeared quickly too thanks really pleased with this product, cheap and effective

Dee-Pontefract-5 Stars

User friendly website, fantastic speedy delivery, excellent service & product. Found this website after contacting pestcontrols compnanies. Who very clearly were solely interested in how much i would pay for numerous visits from them. Didn't seem to ask questions regarding my infestation, more on visits & costs. I found this company, purchased the same poison the pest controls used. The goods arrived the very next day, very economcial in cost, well packaged with clear and easy to follow instructions. I can use as and when I need and monitor the situation myself. Extremely pleased with the service and product. Wouldn't hesitate to use them again should I need to.

Alistair Stevens-Slough-5 Stars

a very good service I have dealt with pest control supermarket several times now and would recommend them for a quality service which includes emailing you to let you know when an item was dispatched. Keep the good work. A . Stevens

John-Chesterfield-5 Stars

Excellent service! When I need more rad poison I will certain use Pest Control SM again. John

Lynn-Bristol-5 Stars

Easy web site, quick delivery,fair price I found Pest Control on the web site, good information written about each item, as I didn't have a clue what to order. Settled on what I thought was the best one, ordered it and it arrived so quickly I was quite amazed.. Put the rat poison down, got rid of the monsters no problem! Well Pleased..

Alan Dobison-Cardiff-5 Stars

i would not use anyone else superb. Ordered 3 30 on Wednesday delivered 10 30 Thursday unbeatable

Jeff-Darlington-5 Stars

Rats or no rats, that is the question Brilliant, rats disappeared within three days and there is plenty of rat poison left over in case of another generation. Highly recommended.

Clive-Watford-5 Stars

Fantastic rat poison! Excellent product and service. Bought the 3kg Formula B rat poison and some rat bait boxes to get rid of rats under my shed. I was seeing them in the garden every day, now no signs for over a week. Would highly recommend this company.

Darren-Totnes-5 Stars

Killer response to our rat problem All good, highly recommended

Christopher-Polegate-5 Stars

Fast reliable value I will use pestcontrol again their web site is clear and no nonsense.

Joyce-Melrose-5 Stars

Very efficient delivery. Purchase was delivered next day. Very pleased about that.

JD-Reading-5 Stars

Arrived swiftly, was well packed and exactly as advertised. Good online shop. Will use again if need arises.

Christine Dobson-Nordelph-5 Stars

arrived quickly and was just as described Can't review yet have only just used the stuff don't know how effective it is

Christine Dobson-Nordelph-5 Stars

arrived quickly and was just as described Can't review yet have only just used the stuff don't know how effective it is

Geoff-Leicester-5 Stars

Excellent prompt service Can't really get excited about rat poison but the product is highly effective and the service excellent. Oh, price is OK too. I can highly recommend Pest Control Supermarket.

James-Taunton-5 Stars

Excellent service Goods as described, arrived on time, excellent service

Pat-BrIstol-5 Stars

Excellent product (Formula B)which got rid of the rats! Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 3kg (With Free Nitrile ) We bought this one as the active ingredient was different to the one we had been using as we felt long use of one brand seems to make the rats resistant(or maybe we were unlucky)This was a good value 3kg tub which is a lot more economical than the small ones most people buy in the shops. The Formula B did the trick and our garden which backs onto fields and woodland is now rat free. Prompt delivery and great product received in good condition.

Deborah-Buckinghamshire-5 Stars

Excellent service Order accurate and arrived within 48 hours. Pests eradicated within 48 hours!

Angela-Spalding-5 Stars

great service Quick delivery and great service.

Janet-Norfolk-5 Stars

Excellent service - Good range of products, great value for money with fast delivery. Can 't fault.

Leigh-Surrey-5 Stars

Rat poison - A great product and a good price. A comprehensive web site easily ordered, securely packaged and swiftly delivered. The price was also very competitive.

Mark-Kent-5 Stars

Excellent service - Excellent service. Quick delivery of order

David Sherwood-Eastleigh-4 Stars

Fast response to my order - A quick delivery with my order and brought to the front door at the specified time

Mr culley-Middlesbrough-5 Stars

Quick delivery when needed. Easy to place order goods received next day. What more could you want

Christina Barnfather-London-5 Stars

Excellent - Arrived within 2 days of placing order. It came well packaged and in a discreet plain box !!!!!!!!!

Barry M-Surrey-4 Stars

Quick delivery. The product I ordered came very promptly and seems to be doing the job.

Keith-Harrogate-5 Stars

Rat control. Fast delivery, good product,the rats love it!

Robert Denyer-West Sussex-5 Stars

Brilliant service. First class service. Have used this company twice. What more can I say? 100%

Nadeem-Uxbridge-5 Stars

best service ever - from the time the order was placed and delivered. I was very well kept updated.

janet-london-5 Stars

I baught this product and bait boxes after seeing rats In the kitchen. I checked the bait points. In several locations and after 2werks and everything was gone _ and the lid of bait box was slight chewed , so glad they are eating this I will continue to top up !:)

janet-lonc-5 Stars

Mr. T Martindale-Didcott, Oxon-5 Stars

We had good service, quick delivery and the rat poison we bought actually works!

John Jenkins-Swansea-5 Stars

a1 trouble free.

Janis Doran-Durham-5 Stars

Very good price and delivery was spot on

Mrs. Pat Grimwood-Barnstaple-5 Stars

Brilliant product so easy to order and pay and excellent delivery service very efficient

Tony-Slough-4 Stars

Good e-mail flow of order status and delivered on time.

Woodhouse-Leicester-5 Stars


Geraldine Lowe-Berkshire-5 Stars

Efficient service My goods were a good price and were delivered promptly.

Mr. Robert Evans-Bracknell-5 Stars

Rat bait overnight used, and the rat was killer in dead the morning. Well done. The problem a hard to open the feeding bait with the key? Thanks for the fast deliver

Reg-Marham, Norfolk-5 Stars

First class service all round.

Margaret-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

Very good service, fast delivery.

J R Park-Products-5 Stars

Excellent products and service. Seems to be keeping the big blighters under control. Thanks.

Dale Wolsey-Derby-5 Stars

Wonderful company. Product was beautifully packed and came incredibly promptly. I would highly recommend and use this company again should the need arise.

Dawsie-Dorset-5 Stars

The most effective rat poison without a doubt. Simple to use, simple to order, prompt delivery. Poison B is the only effective that I have found. However, I recommend covering the trays to keep the rain off, and be persistent, keep putting out the bait until they stop taking it- and you know why.

Mr R Evans-London-5 Stars

Used Rat bait overnight, the rat was dead in the morning. Well done.


I have bought from Pest Control Supermarket several times now for both their Pest Expert rat poison and the glue traps - Excellent company, top quality products, work every time!

Dan-West Midlands-5 Stars

Our garden rats enjoyed munching on this for 5 days. I have not seen them since. Glad to be rid of them. Formula B seems to be very effective.

Isobel Williamson-Jones-Hampshire-5 Stars

I bought this bait after searching for something stronger than the readily available stuff from retail shops - which is expensive and useless. The rats lined up for that at feeding time and came back for more. They ate this poison up every day for about a week and then the rate of eating slowed and we hope we won''''''''t see them again! Will definitely use it again.

Pat Abbott-Bristol-5 Stars

We bought this rat poison as it contained the maximum strength active ingredient and I'm pleased to report that it didn't disappoint! It was a good value 3kg tub, a lot more economical than many of the smaller packs I noticed offered on the internet. The Formula B did the trick with rapid pace and our garden which backs onto fields and woodland is now completely rat free. Prompt delivery also. Overall a great product received in good condition.

Adrian Bennett-Essex-5 Stars

Our rat problem seemed to be worsening having tried some of the bright pink blocks and bright pink grain that I'd bought elsewhere (these were hopeless, the rats wouldn't eat it, not recommended). So I tried the Formula 'B' rat poison and a couple of bait boxes. This worked extremely well, the rats munched their way through it, within one week the rats were no more.... Finally, a product the delivers what it promises!