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Rat Killer Poison 1kg - Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength 10 x 100g)

Our Price: £11.95

Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 1kg (10 x 100g)

Product information
Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison contains the strongest rodenticide currently available within the UK - Brodifacoum - which is 4 times as effective as Bromadiolone when used against rats. Its outstanding success rate and ability to control in all conditions, has proved it to be the most powerful formulation within the professional pest control market.

Pest Expert Formula 'B' is a premium grade rodenticide produced solely within the UK and therefore does not contain sickly sweet attractants, something often added to imported products in attempts to encourage feeding and disguise poor quality.

Four simple steps to rat control using poison:
Rat poison is the most popular way of dealing with a rat infestation. Follow the easy steps below to achieve swift and effective rat eradication:

  • Place rat poison in areas where you have noticed rodent activity, e.g. on rat runs, along fences or walls, where droppings have been found, near to or inside rat burrows.
  • Use 100g of rat poison at each baiting point, located roughly 10 metres apart, or 5 metres where high levels of rat activity are noted.
  • Check baiting points every 5-7 days, replacing any poison taken. When feeding stops, this is your indication that control has been achieved!
  • Use tamper-resistant bait boxes to make poison inaccessible to children, pets, birds and other non-target wildlife.

Usage information
Formula 'B' Rat Killer is perfect for eradicating rat infestations both in indoor and outdoor situations such as in garden sheds, lofts or roof spaces, or beneath kitchen units, as well as being suitable for use in commercial contexts such as in warehouses, factories, restaurants, food premises, and farms.

When using Formula 'B' outdoors or in sensitive areas, please ensure that it is not exposed to children, pets or any other non-target species. Our heavy-duty lockable rat bait stations are designed to enable safe use. Please see related products below.

Also highly recommended are our Rat Poison Kits, which come complete with step-by-step advice sheets regarding rodent control.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w.

Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002

Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Supplied in 10 easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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Rat Poison Killer Kit Professional - Small Infestation

Supplied with DOUBLE the Rat Poison of similar kits on the market! Rat Poison Kit 1 includes a full 1kg (10 x 100g) of maximum strength Formula 'B' Rat Killer together with a rat bait station. This kit is ideal for a small rat problem within the home or garden. All our Rat Poison Kits come with a step-by-step advice sheet providing you with all the information you need to achieve successful rodent control.
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Customer Reviews

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Tim-Derby-5 Stars

Great service, 3 doses and Mr Rat who lived under my shed found dead! Thoroughly recommend the product, prompt delivery and ease of application.

David-Melton Constable-5 Stars

**************** AWESOME *************************

Exactly what I needed , fast Delivery and it NAILED my rats within 2 days :)

Susan-MEOPHAM-5 Stars

First rate service and delivery.

Product described accurately, reasonably priced. Quick delivery well packaged just as described. Would use company again.

Arthur Phillips-Buckland Common-5 Stars

Don't bother with local store products

I used rat and mouse killer from a local DIY store. It came in handy sachets with plastic saucers to keep things neat. The rodent, don't know what it was because I never saw it, ate four sachets over three days and even ate the saucer but continued to raid my workshop. The I found Pest Control Supermarket. One dose of their rat/mouse killer and the problem has gone. Enough said.

Mrs Janet Deprose-Romford-5 Stars

Instant results

We had a rat colony under a big shrub near the bird table. There must have been at least a dozen of various sizes. I do not like killing or harming any animal or bird as I am a nature lover, but the rats were becoming bolder and the adult ones were not even afraid of my two cats and us. I ordered the tub of poisoned grain which came the next day with full and easy to understand instructions. We used it accordingly and within two days were rat free and have not seen one since. Not wishing to harm any other creature, we positioned the bait in lengths of plastic drainpipe which we pushed deep into the burrows they had dug and so they could not avoid it. There were no dead or dying ones to be seen so we assume they are all dead underground. R.I.P. rats.


Very reliable.

John Cope-Portishead-5 Stars

Brilliant - great service, great value, great products which work

As a returning customer to Pest Control Supermarket I already knew what to expect. Their range of products are great value - you can buy just what you need, not a whole load of things in a pack which you don't. The goods arrive very quickly. These products do the job - I wouldn't ever waste my time or money buying more expensive, inferior products from high street shops.

Philip Child-Crowborough-5 Stars

Gordon Brown has gone, that's two less rats!

Great company, a wide range of products at reasonable prices, quickly despatched. The only person not happy is the rat...RIP

Tony-Stowmarket-5 Stars

Great service, thank you for prompt delivery

Great service, thank you for prompt delivery

Brendan-Glasgow-5 Stars

It was brought the mouse down

Very good good

Rachel-LEICESTER-5 Stars

Best service

I found what I was looking for ,very easy to pay for ,and turned up in 2 days ,really excellent service .would buy from you again.

Paul-Manchester-5 Stars

got yah! you dirty rat!

Excellent product used for a week and jerry was nowhere to be found

Tracey-Sudbury-5 Stars

Delivery was quick and good value!

Certainly recommend!

Joyce-Bristol-5 Stars

Swift and efficient service

There's always so much choice when searching for something on the web,but this company stood out as it's already well known

Jennifer-Iver Heath-5 Stars

Parcel arrived so quick it must have flown!

Really pleased overall. Confirmation of order and despatch was received by email so no guesing when it was on it's way. Would recommend this company without hesitation. Many thanks.

Clive-Preston-5 Stars

Rat problem solved

Used a mixture of nipper traps, cages and poison. Best advice is to remove the food source that is attracting them (hen feed in my case) and they will then be attracted to the bait or poison. Used peanut butter on a cheese base in the traps and cages.

Clive-Preston-5 Stars

Rat problem solved

Used a mixture of nipper traps, cages and poison. Best advice is to remove the food source that is attracting them (hen feed in my case) and they will then be attracted to the bait or poison. Used peanut butter on a cheese base in the traps and cages.

John-Chesterfield-5 Stars

Rattatoui Circus comes to the end

We ordered our bait for the few rats we had but unfortunatley they must have been more than we thought. I knew of at least 5 rats seen 3 in the kitchen 1 in living room 1 in cellar. The bait came the next morning of me ordering it couldnt wait for the night time to feed them. Leading up to getting the bait rats must have had babies so they was running in front of our very eyes hiding inbetween the dishwasher and freezer. The light went out and all hell let loose up onto my dresser and my best china came crashing down plate after plate teapot n sugar bowl. Bait went down thursday they loved it 3-4 days after all quiet for a few days then a week later we have heard another rat in our bedroom he must have got away so I have sent for another batch and I know this will be the end.

Keith-Rickmansworth-5 Stars

Great service and first class product.

The product arrived very swiftly and did exactly what it was supposed to do. I would certainly use them again.

Diana Garrett-Colchester-5 Stars

Fast service, excellent product, great price

Saw a large brown rat in the garden in the late afternoon for two days in a row. Bought the suggested pellets which were delivered the next day. Put the pellets in the little trays provided out under the decking so the birds could not get at them. Had to top up one tray once but since then no sign of it which was a great relief! I have plenty of pellets left so am ready to spring into action if any more decide to come into the garden! Thanks for the excellent advice and service.

G Gathouse-Working-5 Stars

Service better than expected

As I have not seen any rats since using the pellets I can only assume that they work! If this is the case I am really impressed. Thank you.

Mike Mc Dermott-Glasgow-5 Stars

Excellent service wit clear communication at every stage of purchase, dispatch & delivery! A+++

This was the best experience I have had of buying on line. I was EXTREMELY impressed at the excellent communication at every stage of purchase, dispatch & delivery. I would fully recommend this site to anyone in need of pest control products. Other internet sales sites could learn so much from Pest Control in terms of customer service. EXCELLENT!

Ann Davies-Solihull-5 Stars

Very good service.

As above, very good service, no problems.

mrs k crawford-Barnet-5 Stars

very good

work very well in a couple of days

Victoria-Edinburgh-5 Stars

excellent service

very pleased

David Hunter-Cromer-5 Stars

Outstanding Service

Bought the product online and it was delivered the next day.The product was well packaged and of great quality.In my opinion the service and quality received from this company is outstanding.

Chris-Winchester-5 Stars

Cluster Fly Revenge

If you have cluster fly problems then I can recommend the products from Pest Supermarket. The bundled packages are great value for money and extremely simple to use with the PPE mask essential in confined spaces. I prefer the aerosol cans since the ignition candles can spark on first lighting them which is not idea in a dry loft area. I tape off all access doors from the loft to the house to seal the flies in as they will find anyway out (light fittings etc. When safe to return to the loft there are litterally thousands of them littered everywhere but that sees them off for another six months at least.

Neil-Swansea-5 Stars

rat poison - excellent, quick delivery, would recommend to anybody.

Moira-Tyne and Wear-5 Stars

Rats Away

Quick next day delivery which meant I could start straightaway to eradicate (hopefully) the rats in my garden. The delivery man was polite and helpful when I advised him what the product was. Best of all after 3 days of bait the rats seem to have departed! I have put bait around the garden (safely away from the birds) and to date have not had any more rats in my garden. Great service, great customer service and great product.

Nicola Stenning-Harrocks-4 Stars

Great speedy service but soooo many e-mails - The service was really speed but I literally got about 7 e-mails - order placed, order processing, order going to delivery, order out for delivery, order delivered and lastly about a week later - order completed - I know, please reduce the e-mails I've never had sooooo many for such a simple order

MR A LONGFIELD-Chester-5 Stars

Clear, Simple and Quick - Needed some rat poison pretty quickly, and I liked the professional website and the clearly presented products on offer from Pet Control Supermarket. Really fast delivery, and the stuff seems to have had the desired effect, I'm pleased to say. A 1Kg tub, but the poison is in small sachets so is easy to handle, and came with some disposable gloves too.

Don-Barnsley-5 Stars

Pest Control. Same day service, excellent product, good company.

Rigby-London-5 Stars

Fantastic price. Very fast delivery. Well packaged. Highly recommend

Ian-Barrow-in-Furness-5 Stars

Very good service

Claire-York-5 Stars

Would definitely recommend as the service was fast and safe, and the item was left exactly where I asked. Many thanks

Mishcat-Stoke-on-Trent-5 Stars

I was very pleased with the fast delivery and good prices

Victor-Horsham-5 Stars

Prompt service and efficient product

I ordered the small kit as I thought I only had a couple of rats but it turned out I had more than that and they were still all gone in a week.

John Quick-Bristol-5 Stars


Placed my order Thursday pm received Friday Morning am. Service was great, item ordered was as described and kept informed by email throughout the process, could not wish for better service

Keith Winston-Boston-5 Stars

My best on-line service

I do all of my shopping on-line and I have never experienced a better complete service than that of Pest Control Supermarket. First class communication, provision and delivery. If they have what you want don't even bother looking elsewhere. Brilliant!!

Martin-Bristol-5 Stars

As there was little sign of the rat taking the poison after 4 days, I added minced cheese which was taken immediately and we have not seen any sign of it since. Thank you.

Sean Gerard-Blackburn-5 Stars

Good delivery easy to rearange and on time courier slot

Sandra-Gloucestershire-5 Stars

Finally got rid of the rats in my shed after two tubs of pasta bait and a box of bait blocks didn't seem to work I decided to go with the rat bait from Pest control supermarket and after a few days found a dead rat in the shed, hopefully that's the end of my rat problem and if so can thoroughly recommend the rat bait.

Geoff T-Corby-5 Stars

POISON rat style

Unfortunately we discovered a rat in the garden on a Saturday morning, so checked internet for rat poison. Got to Pest Control Supermarket but unfortunately they were closed until Monday, but still placed order for Tuesday delivery. They kept me informed of delivery and I even tracked it past my workplace. Delivery was on time and was able to use product that evening. After checking bait station everyday, I have used four sachets over ten days as trays are untouched for a couple of days and then most of the bait goes, but have not seen any vermin for ten days. Will continue to use and will not hesitate to use Pest Control Supermarket again as service was second to none.

Bruce-Norwich-5 Stars

Supply of rat poison. Ordered and delivered next day.

Harriet Trevers-Bristol-5 Stars

Very quick service and good delivery.

Mr Adrian Downing-Slough-5 Stars

Rat Killer Poison 1kg - Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength Bromadiolone) = DEAD RATS.

George King-Derby-5 Stars

Excellent service and excellent rat poison.... It arrived next day together with gloves and bait trays. I know at least one rat had set up home in my shed, as I''d found droppings and seen him moving down the side of the garden fence. He enjoyed the feast, quickly going through the rat poison, and I haven''t seen him since!

Peter Frost-Derby-5 Stars

Excellent value..... The Formula ''B'' rat poison is identical to the Rentokil stuff I used last year and only a fraction of the cost! Highly recommended company and products, goods arrived next day.