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Rat Killer Poison 10kg - Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength - 100 x 100g)

Our Price: £89.95

Pest Expert Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 10kg  

Supplied as 100 x 100g sachets

Product information
Pest Expert’s Formula 'B' Rat Poison contains the strongest rodenticide currently available within the UK - Brodifacoum - which is 4 times more effective against rats than Bromadiolone.

This powerful rat killer has achieved outstanding success which has seen it become the most widely used formulation of rat poison by professionals across the UK pest control industry.

Formula ‘B’ rat poison is produced exclusively in the UK with quality ingredients, we don’t add in any of the sweet attractants that are common in imported products to try and increase uptake, but disguise the poor quality of the poison.

Four simple steps to rat control using poison:

Poison is the most effective way of dealing with a rat infestation; follow our four simple steps to get rid of your rat problem once and for all.

  • Place rat poison in areas where you have noticed rodent activity, e.g. on rat runs, along fences or walls, where droppings have been found, near to or inside rat burrows.
  • Use 100g of rat poison at each baiting point, located roughly 10 metres apart, or 5 metres where high levels of rat activity are noted.
  • Check baiting points every 5-7 days, replacing any poison taken. When feeding stops, this is your indication that control has been achieved!
  • Use tamper-resistant bait boxes to make poison inaccessible to children, pets, birds and other non-target wildlife.

Usage information

Formula 'B' Rat Killer is perfect for dealing with indoor and outdoor infestations, whether you have rats in your garden shed or they are causing problems in your kitchen or roof. It is also ideal for commercial use such as warehouses and restaurants where eradicating the infestation is high priority.

Care should be taken when using Formula 'B' outdoors or in sensitive areas, please ensure that it is not exposed to children, pets or any other non-target species. Our heavy-duty lockable rat bait stations are designed to enable safe use. Please see related products below.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w.

Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0002
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

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Rat Killer Poison 20kg (2 x 10kg) - Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Use Pack)

Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison 20kg is a professional quality rodenticide containing maximum strength bromadiolone. Produced using only the finest wholewheat grain, it is highly palatable to rodents, thus ensuring optimal results. This 20kg, supplied as 2 x 10kg sacks, is for professional use only. Ideal for controlling large scale rat infestations in commercial or agricultural contexts.
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Customer Reviews

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Jayne-Redditch-5 Stars

Excellent product !

Came next day and did the business with the rat problem, now using a fraction of poultry feed . Would highly recommend , Jayne

Simon-Minety-5 Stars

Great prices and fast delivery

Great prices, good communications and fast delivery!

John-Harrow Weald-5 Stars

excellent prompt service

This was the first time i had bought bulk rat poison. It was a lot cheaper than the local supermarket. I was wary that it was probably not going to be the right stuff. It was delivered the next day, double wrapped and exactly as described on the web. Wonderful, no more rats

Paul Hillman-Ibstock-5 Stars

Good Products, competitive prices, outstanding delivery.

If I had to pay high street prices I couldn't afford to have taken the measures I have been able to with the products from Pest Control. Comprehesive range of products at really affordable prices and the results have been positive. If you use them, I and can recommend that you should, you will have no concerns regarding product quality, customer care, payment security or purchase delivery.

Mr Clarke-Rowstock-5 Stars

Fast delivery, good product choice and will use again.

There is a good choice at reasonable prices with a good delivery service. I will use this site again

Mike Bryan-Lisbourne-5 Stars

Absolutely the best suppliers of rat poison in the UK!

Don't mess about. Get the real thing from Pest Control and give the rodents in your garden a hell of a bad time! They are the best company for price and service. No frills - just dead rats!

Tom-Sevenoaks-5 Stars

Mouse Feast

Bought this product for a known mouse, and suspected rat, problem. Product was delivered very quickly and as specified. Have been using it for over a week. Mice in garage are tucking in and daily amounts are vanishing overnight with no signs of waining appetites - or signs of dead mice. If we have a rat problem in another outbuilding the rats are playing a waiting game on consumption of bait but it is early days yet.

Mrs Cross-Warnham-5 Stars

They've got it right

The service is fast and efficient as are the products they sell. I have used them twice now and will do so in future for all my pest control needs.

Keith Elliott-Stowmarket-5 Stars

Easy to use web site, competitively priced does what it says on the tin!

This is the second year if ordered Rat poison from Pest control Supermarket. I’ve found their products competitively priced and do exactly what they say they will do. The product I purchased Formula 'B' Rat Killer Poison in 10kg bag which is about the best value for money I can find. I live next door to a small holding which attracts lots of Rats especially in the autumn when the fields have been harvested. Last year I was overrun and it took about 4 weeks to get them under control. This year I was ready and baited early. It worked and I have had little or no Rat problem this year so far. If you’re new to this, make sure you read up on how to tackle the pest you are dealing with and the precautions you must take with poisons, there’s lots of advice on the internet. General advice with Rats is to look for their runs and holes and bait these well. Too little bait will be ineffective! Check the bait every 2- 3 days and top up where necessary. Ensure other animals and children cannot access these. Use the proper bait covered in trays wherever possible. Wear gloves when handling and wash thoroughly after. When the bait stops going you are on top of the problem. Be ready for a second influx as others sometimes come in and take their place.

Geoff Boothman-Crawley-5 Stars

Excellent service

As far as we can see the rat & mouse killer is working although we are still seeing an odd one every so often. Hoping that we will soon stop seeing any.

Marion-Twickenham-5 Stars

Ten days later ,rat population of TW5 vanished

It was as if the news had spread,there appeard to be rats all round but now nothing.Brilliant.

David-Cardiff-5 Stars

Prompt and trackable delivery - excellent

rid yourself of all the rats it's cheaper than a couple of cats!


5 eliminate rats

i had been using a rat killer but none was taken so i bought some more off this company got rid of rat within a week

Brian-Mansfield-5 Stars

Very prompt supplier

Placed an order for rat poison which was supplied within 48 hours.

Ted-Chelmsford-5 Stars

Speedy service. Really speedy service with regular updates re. order arrival.

Mike Thompson-Wakefield-5 Stars

Good efficient no nonsence service

Peter Barfield-Shropshire-5 Stars

100% service

I cannot say anything other than praise re the service and the follow up to keep me informed of order and when placed picked delivered etc, perhaps sometimes a little to much info but a great service

Customer-Norfolk-5 Stars

On time in full. Great service, thank you.

Harold-East Sussex-5 Stars

Very satisfactory. Thanks.

Veruska-Bromley-5 Stars

Rat poison. Excellent company. The service was first class. The product was delivered by return. Unfortunately, I can't rate it as it hasn't been tried yet.

Frederick Cook-Stamford-5 Stars

Rat poison. Excellent Company and Great Service.

Mr Richard Lawson-Watford-5 Stars

The blue to green coloured grains look exactly the same as Rentokil were putting down in our warehouse facility... Now we put it down ourselves, replace it as it's eaten and save over £1,000 per year on the pest control contract we cancelled... Works brilliantly and does exactly the same job, it's a no brainer!

Andrew Marshall-North Yorkhire-5 Stars

GOOD RELIABLE POISON! We have a small holding so often get rats. This is the second time we've bought the Formula B, and I can highly recommend it. We also bought six of the rat bait stations from here which are also very good, solid and of a high quality. All round good company to deal with.