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Rat Glue Traps / Rat Glue Boards / Sticky Boards (Pest Expert) 6 Pack

Our Price: £11.95

As used by professional pest control technicians, these heavy-duty rat glue boards provide a highly effective method of rodent control. Measuring a full 34 x 22cm, unlike other rat glue traps they are made of a solid plasticised board that is strong enough to trap rats and enable successful rodent control.

Glue traps must be checked at least twice per day. It is also essential that they are placed out of reach of non-target species.

Please Note:

Rat glue traps vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. The cheap card variety are often a waste of money, as they are not large or strong enough to successfully trap rats.Our glue boards are the same industrial strength as those used by professionals.

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Customer Reviews

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Ms Morna Wilson-Ayrshire-5 Stars

Tried the Rat Glue Traps as nothing else worked... within 7 mins of putting the glue traps down we had our first catch! We had an infestation of the feed bags for the horses and the glue traps cleaned it out. I have since ordered more, great service, thanks a lot.



Graham Stewart-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Good quality product, delivers exactly what it promises!

joseph pollard-United Kingdom-5 Stars

These are the business. Tried all other alternatives traps, poison etc. 2 days and rat was caught. There was no way it could get off this board once on it

Jes-London-5 Stars

I got a very shy rodent in the morning equally active overnight as I went into bed, relieving itself just all over my flat. The rodent was super-clever with traps, eaiting the food aside but not in the trap and I was afraid of poisoning it as it would attract odor/bugs. These traps did the trick perfectly and as I knew where it lived I stuck 5 of those around and booya, catch it! Science b*ch! 5 stars and problem sorted.

L. Daniel-West London-5 Stars

Plug-In Rat Repellent and Rat Traps I purchased elsewhere failed miserably. But the Rat Glue Traps from Pest Control Supermarket really worked a treat. Within 3 weeks of buying this product, I caught two of them in the space of a week. Great buy! Couldn't ask for more.

D.--5 Stars

These traps are great and I'm planning to buy some more soon.

John--5 Stars

Within 3 hours of placing them ratty was caught and dealt with, brilliant service.

Sharnjit Swensey-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

Excellent service, mats are wicked caught soo many think its done the job soo well 😊 highly recommended A************

Evan-Harrow uk-5 Stars

Cant believe how good these sticky pads are. Mine caught two rats . Dont even hesitate Put 2 or 3 down and forget them . Then if you smell somthing horrible Go check the traps . Catches flies too. 10 out 10 trap.

Evan-Harrow uk-5 Stars

Cant believe how good these sticky pads are. Mine caught two rats . Dont even hesitate Put 2 or 3 down and forget them . Go check the traps . Catches flies too. 10 out 10 trap.

Michael-Norfolk-5 Stars

Bloody good product, had a rat who would avoid all other traps or bait but two days with glue board down a one very stuck rat ( hahaha)will be using again and again😁

Tracy-Middlesex-5 Stars

Found this company to be first rate. Quick to respond. quick to sort out redelivery of package when I wasn't around to receive first time.. The sticky paper has already caught 6 mice...Excellent.

L. D.-Uxbridge-5 Stars

Good Purchase!!! For the last two months or so I've been kept up at night in my bedsit with scratching and rattling sounds. To my horror I saw couple of rats which very much took me by surprise. I tried the Plug-In as well as Rat Traps both failed miserably. But when I discovered the Rat Glue Traps and Pest Control Supermarket on Google, I thought I'd give it a go. After about three weeks of setting the traps, I caught the first one last week whose squealing woke me up in the middle of the night. Two nights ago, I caught another one...again waking me up while squealing. These traps are great and I'm planning to buy some more soon.

John-Dunfermline-5 Stars

Very good and quick supplier, quality items supplied.

Neil-Ely-5 Stars

Fast efficient and very very effective.

Sharnjit Swensey-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

Excellent service, mats are wicked caught soo many think its done the job soo well 😊 highly recommended A************

Vincent-Nottingham-5 Stars

Great product great service. Very pleased with this company. They were fast and efficient and their products are excellent.

Patrick-Belfast-5 Stars

Speedy 1st class service! Excellent product at a very low price --did the job brilliantly

Ernest stent-Uxbridge-5 Stars

Sticky pads - Excellent service

Sandra-London-5 Stars

excellent service and mice and rats gone in 48 hours - product arrived within one hour notified slot, Rodents troughed. Rodents dead all within 48 hours! Wonderful

Lyndon-London-4 Stars

Satisfactory service - Easy ordering and very prompt delivery

Morna-Ayr-5 Stars

5 star exterminators Tried the Rat & mouse glue traps, nothing else worked, the rodents were cleverer than us and didnt like chocolate, peanut butter or cheese that we baited the other traps with, within 7 mins of putting the glue traps down we had our first mouse! We had an infestation of the feed bags for the horses and the glue traps cleaned it out. I have since ordered more, great service, thanks a lot,

Martin-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

Rat -a-tat- Tat We have a constant problem with the furry four legged blighters popping out of the bushes this time each year. Humane traps are ok but to eradicate the problem there's only one solution........ get help from Pestcontrolsupermarket. Do what I did and you will not be disappointed. a happy and satisfied rat Catcher Martin the exterminator

Matthew-London-5 Stars

delivered quickly, order perfect

Nicky-Rochdale-5 Stars

Excellent Goods received in a timely manner and we as we expected

Will-Edinburgh-5 Stars

Great service, thanks Goods were delivered as described on the web page. Cost was okay and the speed of service was excellent.

Lynne-Wrexham-5 Stars

Very good service

Andrea-London-5 Stars

Fast service I got my traps in few days and caught the mouse straight away.

AJ House-Wimborne-5 Stars

Easy to use, fast and efficient. They seem to cover just about everything in their sphere. The site is easy to navigate and my items arrived promptly. What more could you ask for.

Jeff Harrison-Cambridge-5 Stars

The best for pests Excellent next day service and products exactly as described - just re-ordered more!

Dipu-Oldbury-5 Stars

Order the sticky pad and had arrived on time Bought the sticky pad to catch the mouse . Caught within few hours after placing impressed with it and will recommend

Adam-Bishops Stratford-5 Stars

promt service and good products Good products and prompt service

Annette-Lutterworth-5 Stars

punctual efficient service Thank you for the prompt delivery of the product

Janet-Penistone-5 Stars

Very efficient service Good fast delivery. Good quality products also well packaged.

Peter-Faversham-5 Stars

Quick & Easy Tried them for the first time. Well pleased with the speedy service.

Orla-Co. Louth-5 Stars

An excellent service

Susan-Bewdley-5 Stars

Quick service Arrived quickly. Was as described. Would use them again

Gary-Blackpool-5 Stars

Great fast quality service I found the items I purchased to be of great quality and if I need more it is good to know I can have them very quickly due to there very fast dispatch after payment policy A+++

Kenneth-ST. ALBANS-5 Stars

Super deal at Pest When you need to use these kind of products you need them quickly , and from a simple but comprehensive website with easy to understand instructions and descriptions of their products, to delivery within 24 hours , made it a fast and very efficient transaction. Our glue pads eradicated the problem within 48 hours

Mr Paul-LINCOLN-5 Stars

quick delivery Good prices and fast delivery

Sonia-Newport-5 Stars

The service regarding this product was spot on, no complaints whatsoever What I have said in the above sentence says it all, will absolutely use this site again.

DAVID BARBER-Gateshead-5 Stars

good service would use again a+ good service would use again a+

Michaela-London-5 Stars

Quick delivery a product that worked well. The glue rattraps work well and solved our problem quickly - 4 rats in one day! They were easy to set and dispose of, and they arrived in the post quickly. Great!

Karin-Faygate-5 Stars

excellent service would highly recommend this company! great price, items well packed and shipped on time!

Richard-Lewes-5 Stars

Fast, efficient and helpful Fast transaction

Graham-Lewes-5 Stars

excellent service very pleased with service will definately use again

Graham-Long Whatton-5 Stars

A great service Excellent service, quick, no fuss, from order to delivery a very smooth transaction indeed. Would highly recommend this company.

Stephen-Sheffield-5 Stars

very good service A+++++++++++

Jeff-Durham-5 Stars

1st class company First class service. Sales staff were brilliant. Delivery on date promised. Would recommend.

Frank Farrell-Preston-5 Stars

excellent service Easy site,competitive prices,prompt delivery.What more could you ask

Crocman-Lincoln-5 Stars

Great service Product delivered 24 hours after placing my order Goods arrived well packaged and in excellent condition First class product will use this company again without hesitation

Jason-London-5 Stars

Efficient service, quick delivery. Not much to say. Was kept informed as to the status of the order. Delivery was quick. Products arrived as described.

Ken B-Devizes-5 Stars

Excellent service as always 5 star rating is deserved.

Adam-Ipswich-5 Stars

All the b#####d RATS are dead nice one cheers Great job quick delivery easy to follow instructions and great results

Kim-Preston-5 Stars

Brilliant! Caught three and this is the first night I've laid them down. I'm so happy someone told me about these. I've just purchased some more just incase but think I've got the buggers!!!! Thank you once again

Maria Nikolaou-Bayswater-5 Stars

Its the only thing that works. Do not hesitate to buy. We've caught 6 mice in one night in our store. And 5 rats are home. Job done!!!

Mary-Newcastle under Lyme-5 Stars

This ratty little devil was immune to poison. Mat down as soon as received and BAM got it first night! Brilliant purchase. Look out rat brigade I'm coming for YOU!

Margaret Connolly-Crewe-5 Stars

Having used everything else I ordered glue traps, I was very successful. Delivered the next caught, caught the day after.

Alan-Newcastle-5 Stars

Two mice in 24 house. No problems here!

James Murphy-Plymouth-5 Stars

Laid them out in the night, caught two rats within a few hours. Great product with no mess, would definitely use and order again.

Mr Ellis-Bridgwater-5 Stars

For the best invention in rat control buy glue boards!

Mrs Dodds-Birmingham-5 Stars

Immediate and swift action for the best results. Very happy.

TopNotchMouser-Hampshire-5 Stars

Great product, top notch!

Ms. Stevenson-Rotherham-5 Stars

Great item, used the day after with 100% success, will be buying again if necessary.

Raymond-Telford-5 Stars

Putting the rats on notice, the glue traps have even caught a few spiders.

UK-Leeds-5 Stars

A robust product as described and has worked very well.

Mr Wright-Truro-5 Stars

Great quality products with prompt delivery, I have NO more mice!!

.-Northampton-5 Stars

First Class Product and great service

.-Northampton-5 Stars

First Class Product and great service

Stephen-Stevenage-5 Stars

The best price for rat glue traps on the internet, very good quality and they work!

Imran-Romford-5 Stars

Used in our warehouse, catching up to 5 rats per night! Going to order more soon. I.M

John Collinson-Wigan-5 Stars

The best glue traps out there. John.

Natalie.-Cambridge-5 Stars

Brilliant product, but be careful around pets.

Roger. J-Tiverton-5 Stars

I will never hesitate recommending this product and company.

Dave. F-Doncaster-5 Stars

The best product. Result.

Margarete-gloucester-5 Stars

Caught on the first night, bye bye rattie

Mr Delany-Bicester-5 Stars

Not sure my god daughter will be happy to say goodbye to our rodents tenants, I on the other hand can not wait to see that back of them

S.-Knottingley-5 Stars


Ms Rose-Cumbria-5 Stars

Having tried all sorts of red grain poison the glue traps are the first thing to work!

Mr Robert Dean-Pontefract-5 Stars

Super sticky, be careful of your fingers.

Sarah Smith-Taunton-5 Stars

If we ever have a rat problem again glue boards will be our no.1 choice

Paul Evans-York-5 Stars

Best trap on the market A+

Mrs. T-Bath-5 Stars

Buying some more of these tonight, already seeing a massive reduction in numbers, thank you.

William UK-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

Friendly company with excellent products. Highly recommended.

Arthur Bishop-Canterbury-5 Stars

I have given glue boards to my neighbours and they will be placing an order soon. Great results.

Dr T-Wembley-5 Stars

Ordered yesterday,delivered today. Put trap out and went out for about 3 hours....came back to find the pesky rodent caught! In the daytime... cheeky thing! Really is industrial strength. Very pleased with this product....does what it says! Excellent fast delivery too.

Alisha-London-5 Stars

The boards do the trick! The turn around time from order to delivery was so fast and in times of mice in the house, its super reassuring! The boards are super strong, the trap makes sure the mouse will not budge! Only downside is what to do when everyone in the house is a wimp to touch the board? What is also great is that you can change the shape of the board using the fold lines too! Will order again to keep a back up!

Nicola-Kent-5 Stars

I bought these on the 19/4/18 as i had noticed something was coming in my kitchen at night the last few days and droppings were left behind they arrived via next day deilvery on the 20th and same night i put out the trap the suspect was apprehended same night i hope there are no more but it was extremely effective same day problem gone.

john adams-Manchester-5 Stars

I must admit, I didn't have any faith in the traps when I first heard about them but after laying them down, I caught a rat the second night. I would recommend anyone to use them but don't tread on one like I did.