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Rat Glue Traps / Rat Glue Boards / Sticky Boards (Pest Expert) 6 Pack

Our Price: £14.95

As used by professional pest control technicians, these heavy-duty rat glue boards provide a highly effective method of rodent control. Measuring a full 34 x 22cm, unlike other rat glue traps they are made of a solid plasticised board that is strong enough to trap rats and enable successful rodent control.

Glue traps must be checked at least twice per day. It is also essential that they are placed out of reach of non-target species.

Please Note:

Rat glue traps vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. The cheap card variety are often a waste of money, as they are not large or strong enough to successfully trap rats.Our glue boards are the same industrial strength as those used by professionals.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah -Leeds-5 Stars


Having caught 2 little rats with snap traps the big un got clever, running across the kitchen floor and dodging everything. After seeing the reviews I got a pack of 6, hubby put them down at 11am and at 11.30pm the clever rat was not so clever anymore!! They work brilliantly and so sticky ( watch ya fingers when opening them) Result

David Jarrett-Hampshire-5 Stars

Save The Guinea Pigs

I had a rat terarising my daughter's guinea pigs in my outdoor shed, tried a few traps but out smarted every time.

I put the glue trap down before bed and in the morning the rat was no more. Rats are smart but not smart enough for this product, truly brilliant!

Olivia-Devon-5 Stars

They work!

I’ve been trying to catch the mouse in my kitchen for a few weeks now but he outsmarted all of my moves! After putting one of these sticky boards out on the FIRST day I received them in the post, I have caught the intruder. Beyond happy

Charlotte Taylor-South Wales -5 Stars

It works!

Absolutely brilliant! Had the boards down less than 12hrs and caught the rat that’s been roaming my house for the last week….will never use anything else again

Simona Marinicova-Birmingham-5 Stars

Fantastic Traps

Perfect traps

David Tanner-Esher-5 Stars


Don't waste money on other traps, these are brilliant.

Caught rat and mouse on same board within minutes of putting the board down in garden.

Michelle -Milton Keynes -5 Stars

Great results

After using bait and traps these glue boards are by far the best thing to catch a rat. It’s says they are for indoor use but I used mine outside. I knew where the rat/s were running and thought I would try these glue traps. Within 24hrs caught a rat not far off the size of a cat! Put another down and caught another a couple of days after. Highly recommend.

Jane Bellinger-Oxford -5 Stars

Fantastic results

Hi received the sticky mats yesterday, just caught a rat in my attic fantastic 10 out of 10

Hugo Sanchez-Edinburgh-5 Stars

It works

Fantastic glue traps 4 mice trapped and counting, awesome results since the first day, very satisfied

Calvin-London-5 Stars


After trying a few useless poison bait boxes and baited traps. Found this amazing glue board. I initially thought it didn’t work and forgot about it but 5 days after my dog was barking under the cupboards and there it was, the mouse who’s been tormenting our dog and running over our toes in the night! Caught it by the tail it had wrapped itself round with wire wool (used to block up the holes between the floor boards/ wall). Pulled out the trap and ended it’s misery with my air gun. Highly recommend this glue board, it worked for us.

Andrew Caddy-Newcastle under Lyme-5 Stars

Instant result, AMAZING

We purchased 24 boards because of the great reviews and lack of success using conventional traps and poisons.

In hindsight 24 boards was perhaps a little overkill, but i wanted to be sure of catching whatever it was that was scurrying around and gnawing under the floorboards of our loft in the late evening and early hours of the morning. We didn't know if it was a rat or mouse or how many and the acoustics of our old house made it difficult to pinpoint where exactly it was.

I baited several lethal looking conventional traps in the loft but caught nothing even though one was triggered one night.

After following the instructions and placing the glue boards down one evening we had successfully caught a rat the next evening. Without going into gory detail i quickly finished the guy off to avoid any suffering. A few days later and we hear no more noises and can now look at sealing off any possible entry points including a disused chimney.

These boards are Amazing and I can't recommend them enough. Do not doubt the effective of these little boards. Do not despair people, you can reclaim your house and get some sleep

Rif-Batley -5 Stars

Caught within 4 hours

Tried EVERYTHING for 2 weeks! Nothing worked EXCEPT THIS!


MADALIN-Coventry-5 Stars

Highly recommended

I was having a mice in my kitchen and my wife was terrified,i try with classic traps with no results,i order this product,very easy to install in the evening and in the morning i found that mice trapped,highly recommended

Nk-Essex-5 Stars


It does what it says, fantastic product, you will not regret buying it.

Glenda Kelly-Tyne Wear-5 Stars


I put glue trap down in my walk in kitchen cupboard as it new that's were rat/mice are delivered today 11.30 rat killed 11.40 iv put another 2 traps down incase any more would recommend

Jackie Chitson-Surrey-5 Stars


After seven months of trying to catch an elusive rat which was living in our loft and journeying down the cavity at night to feast on anything he could find, including an Easter Egg, these trays sorted the problem in a matter of days.

Rats certainly are clever, we had the local authority out three times and they set poison and bait traps. We also had rat traps everywhere and two cameras which are triggered by movement. We saw him several times but he would not take the bait.

We finally bought some of these traps. They arrived on Monday and by Friday we caught him.

The only downside is that you have to extinguish the rodent yourself and the packaging states that drowning is inhuman so you will need the plan this out in advance.

Janetlee Davis-London -5 Stars


So I used the white sticky trap for months trying to catch this mice. I saw this site and because of the reviews decided to buy this one. I received it on the 7th of may 2020. I put 4 down on the same day and in 2 hours time I caught that mice. I will buy this all the time. It is quick and u just fold it in two and throw it out.

Faysal-London-5 Stars

Best Buy

Brilliant results, bought them for a mouse got him in few hours before trying for many days. Next day saw a big rat a cat size in my garden and caught it with in 5 minutes of putting the stripe wow, amazing result a must buy if you have mouse or rat.

Janetlee Davis-London -5 Stars


So I used the white sticky trap for months trying to catch this mice. I saw this site and because of the reviews decided to buy this one. I received it on the 7th of may 2020. I put 4 down on the same day and in 2 hours time I caught that mice. I will buy this all the time. It is quick and u just fold it in two and throw it out.

Richard Law-Blackburn-5 Stars

Very good product. Better than any other product!

I had spent hundreds of pounds on trying to get rid of mice. Tried multiple pest control agencies no luck. Out of frustration I turned to the glue traps and these worked almost immediately. I placed the traps at where I thought the mice were hanging around and within 30 minutes of laying the traps, one was caught screeching. Folded the board and got rid of the pest with satisfaction. I have ordered more of these.

Philip Cole-Hampshire-5 Stars

Purchased these glue traps after failing for two weeks with various other traps to catch a rat my cat had bought in. Caught the bugger with 24 hours of putting these down.

Philip Cole-Hampshire-5 Stars

Purchased these glue traps after failing for two weeks with various other traps to catch a rat my cat had bought in. Caught the bugger with 24 hours of putting these down.

L-London-5 Stars

Worked in ONE night!

Having previously signed on to an expensive pest control service which used bait traps and did not catch the mouse after 3 weeks we enquired about their glue board service, which additional to their monthly fee costed £450! We bought these instead for under £12 and caught the mouse in one night! 5 stars, will be buying more incase there are more than one.

Larry-London-5 Stars

Having been repeatedly failed by other brand glue traps in the past, I was initially sceptical when I received these as the glue didn't look much different. However they proved to be very effective as I caught TWO mice in one day and felt compelled to immediately leave a review. The folding board is also very convenient when disposing of the caught mice - minimal contact. Have thankfully not had to test the board on rats, but can say that the glue is much better than anything else I have purchased. Highly recommended.

Stephen-Kettering-5 Stars

Have trouble with rats in my garage tried poison and snap taps no luck using these glue traps 2 days got 3 rats already

Jamie O-York-5 Stars

Excellent service, in use but will need more time to review as rat are very suspicious.

Georgia-South West London-5 Stars

Few days ago A rat had been seen in my kitchen , I used 3 kinds of weapons to combat the problem: poison, box trap and glue trap.First two did not work where the glue trap caught the rat within few hours.

Glue traps are the best!


Gary-Hampshire-5 Stars

We had a rat in our loft for a month,we tried traps and poison,which it did not touch.

We used some gluetraps as a last resort and they worked.

Eileen-Jersey-5 Stars

ive tried rat traps,cages,peanut butter so decided to try the glue boards,they are a good idea,just we have one very intelligent rat who wont touch anything,

Tommy-Bristol-5 Stars

Amazing glue traps worked within the night amazing the little feckers gone now

Wayne G-Essex-5 Stars

Great service and turnaround

The glue traps are the best and strongest around! Great service too!

Danielle-Hereford-5 Stars

Within 72 hours of placing 3 sticky mats on kitchen floor, under the base units, a fat pregnant rat was caught. It was humanely disposed of.

Eddie-Gainsborough-5 Stars

Good product. Better than previous glue boards and very effective. Medium sized rats x3 caught. No longer a problem... Recommended.

Natalie-Stoke-On-Trent-5 Stars

These glue traps are superb, I would recommend them to all pest control agents.

I have already been successful in catching.

Annie-Reading-5 Stars

very happy with product, its doing its job, well worth the price. thankyou

Patty-Lancashire-5 Stars

Fast service excellent speedy delivery, traps worked first night, got rid of the rats

Sandra-Oxford-5 Stars

my rodent problem was resolved within 24 hrs due to these fantastic glue boards!!

Jeffrey-Oxford-5 Stars

The glue traps was excellent in quality and catching 5 rats that invaded my home. At present no signs of mice and a happy customer. Having a young child unfortunately he got curious and stuck to glue trap, but easy removal with a few drops of oil. Delivery was also fine quality. A happy customer and will return again if needed.

Letitia-GLOUCESTER-5 Stars

Don't usually do reviews but service was very easy, very prompt and I have no problem in recommending to anyone for a fantastic service.

Javed-Halifax-5 Stars

Good communication and quick delivery. The best price for glue rat traps I found and very good quality, they work, unlike many others I have tried. I have ordered from this company on several occasions now and never been disappointed.

William-Colchester-5 Stars

ordered many times never had bad experience. very very very reliable service .

highly recommend.

Henry-Uxbridge-5 Stars

These are brilliant, have caught 3 rats within a week of having them. They are very very sticky.

Oliver-SHAFTESBURY-5 Stars

Amazing rat glue boards! Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Good prices and even better quality.

john adams-Manchester-5 Stars

I must admit, I didn't have any faith in the traps when I first heard about them but after laying them down, I caught a rat the second night. I would recommend anyone to use them but don't tread on one like I did.

Nicola-Kent-5 Stars

I bought these on the 19/4/18 as i had noticed something was coming in my kitchen at night the last few days and droppings were left behind they arrived via next day deilvery on the 20th and same night i put out the trap the suspect was apprehended same night i hope there are no more but it was extremely effective same day problem gone.

Alisha-London-5 Stars

The boards do the trick! The turn around time from order to delivery was so fast and in times of mice in the house, its super reassuring! The boards are super strong, the trap makes sure the mouse will not budge! Only downside is what to do when everyone in the house is a wimp to touch the board? What is also great is that you can change the shape of the board using the fold lines too! Will order again to keep a back up!

Dr T-Wembley-5 Stars

Ordered yesterday,delivered today. Put trap out and went out for about 3 hours....came back to find the pesky rodent caught! In the daytime... cheeky thing! Really is industrial strength. Very pleased with this product....does what it says! Excellent fast delivery too.

Arthur Bishop-Canterbury-5 Stars

I have given glue boards to my neighbours and they will be placing an order soon. Great results.

William UK-Wolverhampton-5 Stars

Friendly company with excellent products. Highly recommended.

Mrs. T-Bath-5 Stars

Buying some more of these tonight, already seeing a massive reduction in numbers, thank you.

Paul Evans-York-5 Stars

Best trap on the market A+

Sarah Smith-Taunton-5 Stars

If we ever have a rat problem again glue boards will be our no.1 choice

Mr Robert Dean-Pontefract-5 Stars

Super sticky, be careful of your fingers.

Ms Rose-Cumbria-5 Stars

Having tried all sorts of red grain poison the glue traps are the first thing to work!

S.-Knottingley-5 Stars


Mr Delany-Bicester-5 Stars

Not sure my god daughter will be happy to say goodbye to our rodents tenants, I on the other hand can not wait to see that back of them

Margarete-gloucester-5 Stars

Caught on the first night, bye bye rattie

Dave. F-Doncaster-5 Stars

The best product. Result.

Roger. J-Tiverton-5 Stars

I will never hesitate recommending this product and company.

Natalie.-Cambridge-5 Stars

Brilliant product, but be careful around pets.

John Collinson-Wigan-5 Stars

The best glue traps out there. John.

Imran-Romford-5 Stars

Used in our warehouse, catching up to 5 rats per night! Going to order more soon. I.M

Stephen-Stevenage-5 Stars

The best price for rat glue traps on the internet, very good quality and they work!

.-Northampton-5 Stars

First Class Product and great service

.-Northampton-5 Stars

First Class Product and great service

Mr Wright-Truro-5 Stars

Great quality products with prompt delivery, I have NO more mice!!

UK-Leeds-5 Stars

A robust product as described and has worked very well.

Raymond-Telford-5 Stars

Putting the rats on notice, the glue traps have even caught a few spiders.

Ms. Stevenson-Rotherham-5 Stars

Great item, used the day after with 100% success, will be buying again if necessary.

TopNotchMouser-Hampshire-5 Stars

Great product, top notch!

Mrs Dodds-Birmingham-5 Stars

Immediate and swift action for the best results. Very happy.

Mr Ellis-Bridgwater-5 Stars

For the best invention in rat control buy glue boards!

James Murphy-Plymouth-5 Stars

Laid them out in the night, caught two rats within a few hours. Great product with no mess, would definitely use and order again.

Alan-Newcastle-5 Stars

Two mice in 24 house. No problems here!

Margaret Connolly-Crewe-5 Stars

Having used everything else I ordered glue traps, I was very successful. Delivered the next caught, caught the day after.

Mary-Newcastle under Lyme-5 Stars

This ratty little devil was immune to poison. Mat down as soon as received and BAM got it first night! Brilliant purchase. Look out rat brigade I'm coming for YOU!

Maria Nikolaou-Bayswater-5 Stars

Its the only thing that works. Do not hesitate to buy. We've caught 6 mice in one night in our store. And 5 rats are home. Job done!!!

Kim-Preston-5 Stars

Brilliant! Caught three and this is the first night I've laid them down. I'm so happy someone told me about these. I've just purchased some more just incase but think I've got the buggers!!!! Thank you once again

Adam-Ipswich-5 Stars

All the b#####d RATS are dead nice one cheers

Great job quick delivery easy to follow instructions and great results

Ken B-Devizes-5 Stars

Excellent service as always

5 star rating is deserved.

Jason-London-5 Stars

Efficient service, quick delivery.

Not much to say. Was kept informed as to the status of the order. Delivery was quick. Products arrived as described.

Crocman-Lincoln-5 Stars

Great service

Product delivered 24 hours after placing my order Goods arrived well packaged and in excellent condition First class product will use this company again without hesitation

Frank Farrell-Preston-5 Stars

excellent service

Easy site,competitive prices,prompt delivery.What more could you ask

Jeff-Durham-5 Stars

1st class company

First class service. Sales staff were brilliant. Delivery on date promised. Would recommend.

Stephen-Sheffield-5 Stars

very good service


Graham-Long Whatton-5 Stars

A great service

Excellent service, quick, no fuss, from order to delivery a very smooth transaction indeed. Would highly recommend this company.

Graham-Lewes-5 Stars

excellent service

very pleased with service will definately use again

Richard-Lewes-5 Stars

Fast, efficient and helpful

Fast transaction

Karin-Faygate-5 Stars

excellent service

would highly recommend this company! great price, items well packed and shipped on time!

Michaela-London-5 Stars

Quick delivery a product that worked well.

The glue rattraps work well and solved our problem quickly - 4 rats in one day! They were easy to set and dispose of, and they arrived in the post quickly. Great!