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Protector Natural Total Release Aerosol Fogger

Our Price: £10.95

Fast Knockdown Natural Insecticide

Protector Natural is a 'total release' aerosol designed for fumigating to treat a cockroach infestation. Containing 100% organic active ingredients - pyrethrins - this product is ideal for those who want a natural insecticide with a quick knockdown.

Protector Natural is highly effective against cockroaches, but can also be used against many other flying and crawling insects including flies, fleas, moths, bedbugs, ants, moths, wasps, and silverfish.

This product is safe for use in sensitive food preparation areas and can also be used as a space or surface spray. As Protector Natural is water-based it is safe for application to hard porous and non-porous surfaces, as well as hard and soft furnishings.

Directions for use:

  • As a fumigation device: Press down firmly on trigger to lock into place. The canister will take approximately 5 minutes to release its contents. Use 1 canister per room or 1-2 for a large kitchen area.
  • As a space spray: Press down lightly on the trigger. A 2-3 second burst, sprayed into the air is sufficient to treat an average sized room (30 cubic m). 
  • As a surface spray: Press down lightly on the trigger. A 4-6 second burst will treat an area of one square metre.

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