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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

Our Price: £18.95

Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Traps are a highly effective method of mouse control, delivering rapid results. Each mouse glue trap measures a full 22 x 14cm, with an extra strong adhesive. These mouse trap boards should not be confused with cheaper, inferior sticky boards that are often not strong enough to successfully trap mice! 

Suitable for home or business use. Ideal for difficult to treat situations such as food premises, or where control with mouse traps, mouse poison or baits have proved unsuccessful.

PLEASE NOTE: Mouse Glue Trap products vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. Many glue traps available are often designed primarily for insects, or fail to trap as they are too small in size. Our mouse glue boards are always industrial strength.

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Trapper Mouse Glue Boards, Mouse Glue Traps x72 (Pest Expert)

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Customer Reviews

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Christabel Agyeman-Duah-London -5 Stars

So efficient

Put it down for one night, woke up the next morning and it had caught the mouse! We’d used every single repellent etc. , this product did the trick!

Tom-Wales -5 Stars

Mouse free house in days!!

We had a mouse problem in our kitchen for years!! We’ve tried everything, this got rid of them in days. We got ten in one night!! No more standing on chairs to make a sandwich. 😅😅🤣

Philip Rand-London-5 Stars

No need to kill the mice once caught.

No need to kill the mice. I cut the traps into 2 inch strips and bait part of it with a piece of snickers(marathon). Fold over the non stick strip so you can pick the trap up easily. OncE you catch a .mouse take it away from the house was and pour some cheap veg oil on the trap/ their legs. The glue breaks down in a few seconds and they run away.

Nathan-London-5 Stars

Glue Board 1 - 0 Mickey

I don’t usually write reviews, but this product deserved one. For 3 days I left a glue board under the entrance of a hole Mickey would often visit. On the 3rd night, we got him. It proves the boards keep their stickiness over time. Didn’t bother buying any other traps/poisons - this worked perfectly and I still have 23 left. Highly recommend.

Sheila Whalley-Rhyl-5 Stars

Excellent Product

Tried everything else to no avail. First night of the glue trap and caught one. Highly recommend these before you try anything else

Amanda -Edinburgh-5 Stars


Had traps ,poison and council in, these were first to work Any tips on how to finish off live ones? Would prefer to do it quickly.

Yasemine-London-5 Stars


These are the best solution I have tried. In the first 2 hours I caught 5!! Defo recommend

Petrus-London-5 Stars

Works great - happy mouse free customer

With multiple snap traps down for 2 weeks, I only managed to trap one mouse. (I followed all the rules re bait and setting them with gloves etc, so was running out of hope to get rid of my problem without professional help.).

The mice nonetheless made it to a bag of flower on top of my kitchen cupboard (no idea how), so decided to try these glue pads instead. I left the half eaten bag of flower where it was and placed two of the pads on either side. The first evening I trapped two, another the next morning and then another over the following evening. So far no sign of mice. Hope this got rid of them.

Highly recommend if you can brave killing them after catching them. (Not the easiest thing to do before your morning coffee, but the results makes it worth it.)

Stephen Thelwell-PRENTON-5 Stars

Oh wow,

Received these sticky mats today (Friday), put them down at 16.30 and had my first visitor by 17.10, 40 min after all repellents failed 10/10 thanks

Simon Gregory-PRESTON-5 Stars

Must Have

Great product easy to use, not even had them down 24hrs and already had two mice there definitely recommended to help anyone with mice problems.

Krystal sutton-Kent-5 Stars


So i have had poison blocks down for a while and they seemed to kill a couple mice but the problem persisted and escalated and the noise preventing me from sleeping.

First night and within 30 mins i had caught 2 mice. In total 7 mice stuck in the first night! I can still hear 1 so hopefully tonight il catch any remaining. Fab product and totally prevails where all else fails.

Amanda Dasent-Manchester -5 Stars

Does the job

We live in front of a field so do get the odd field mice, we put poison down but that didn’t work I then called The pest control supermarket and spoke to an advisor, explained my dilemma and was given advice on what to do so I ordered the glue traps. On arrival we put the traps down and the mouse was caught by the morning. The only thing is that they can still be alive but the son in law deals with that. I have since ordered more for other family members and neighbours. They are great

Mike B-Morden, London-5 Stars

Works a treat

Our mouse dodge traps and poison for two weeks. The glue traps got it on second night. Easy to use. Finishing off a live mouse is unpleasant but needs must.

Margaret Sutton-Hampshire-5 Stars


So relieved to have finally found these glue boards. Had mice for nearly three months, caught a few in snap traps at first but they soon got wise to them. Spent a huge amount of money on different sorts of poison sachets and blocks, they completely ignored them. Also tried sonic deterrents and humane traps, no joy. After researching I decided to order these and caught a mouse within an hour. Have also installed mesh covers over air bricks in the hope that no more will enter. I certainly do not want the shock of mice suddenly appearing from nowhere and flying across the room again. The stress has been enormous so I am past feeling sorry for the predicament of the mice once they are trapped. Thank you so much for selling these Pest Control Supermarket!

Chris-Essex-5 Stars

Tried poison and traps to no effect. Put these down and caught a mouse on the first night. Be warned this does not kill them. I had to finish him off myself! Also had to put rather a lot down to make sure he walked on them but you get a lot in a pack. Very good product. Wish I had used it as soon as I found I had mice.

Michelle--5 Stars

Caught 2 mice just like that !! They were causing so much disturbance...After using mouse to traps which didn’t work at all and the mice were jumping over them.

Recommend this 100%

Ruby-Huddersfield-5 Stars

Tried so many different methods but this is by far the most effective. Caught them everytime. Cannot recommend this enough.

Steve-London-5 Stars

Fantastic product, ordered on Monday, delivered on Tuesday afternoon, caught the mice, Tuesday evening. Very sticky stuff.

Mohammed-Birmingham-5 Stars

Worked 1st Time!!! So pleased...I solved a mouse problem after a long time using cheaper gluepaper to no avail in my first night of using glue trap's professional and evidently far superior product. I wish I had Googled them far sooner. Genuinely recommend and have already recommended to a friend who divulged a similar issue

Yasim-Bradford-5 Stars

High quality traps - caught 3 mice in the first night! Thanks

Eamonn-Sheffield-5 Stars

High quality glue boards - they definitely work!!

Lee-Islington-5 Stars

Great product! Very sticky and caught the mouse when all other methods failed. 5*****

Zara-Bradford-5 Stars

Never really had a mice issue at my house apart from one or two a few years back, but it seems like this time of year it's really bad used these traps in 4 places and caught 3..these are highly effective and worth every penny would recommend. Also very friendly and gteat customer service...

Hayden-Devon-5 Stars

Top quality! Always good products from this website!

Josephine-Lincoln-5 Stars

Good size board and very sticky adhesive! Caught 3 mice last night!

Douglas-Readingq-5 Stars

Very sticky and do catch mice!

Henry-Essex-5 Stars

Have used these glue boards for years as we always have problems with mice! Fantastic product, that's all I can say! They ALWAYS work!

Oliver-Essex-5 Stars

Easy transaction. Really effective traps. Prompt delivery.

Samuel-Uxbridge-5 Stars

Was a bit worried about using the glue boards but they are unbelievable! I'm so happy with my purchase - pestcontrolsupermarket, I salute you!

Douglas-Reading-5 Stars

Have used the mouse glue traps before and will use them again! Brilliant product!

Leigh-Brixton-5 Stars

Amazing! Never been so happy to catch a mouse! Fantastic traps that really do work!

Garry-Chester-5 Stars

have had mouse problems for a couple of years and tried many things but nothing seemed to work. i really got sick of the mouse running around my flat not being able to catch it. however i thought i would try pest expert. i wasnt sure what to expect. however i had just put the sticky pads down in my kitchen as thats where I knew it was coming from. honestly within 20 mins of putting it down. i caught it. absolutely brilliant. would highly recommend this company as they truly are the experts. thank you very much

Yve-Brighton-5 Stars

The products do the job. Very helpful customer service

Kathryn-Bedford-5 Stars

Excellent sticky traps! Had bought some previously from a cheap store and they were useless! Caught four mice on the first night with these and another on the second night. Would thoroughly recommend this product.

Joanne-Cornwall-5 Stars

I was advised of these products and how good they are. All products found to be excellent and no more worries of pests in my home. Thank-you

Amanda-Chesterfield-5 Stars

Very prompt delivery. I have used this product before and found it affective.

Graham-Islington-5 Stars


Price.. Delivery.. and now rodent free after five days.

Martin-Surrey-5 Stars

Quick delivery and fair price.would buy again.

Jon-Devon-5 Stars

Very fast service and product as described. Second time I have used Pest Expert as product is very effective for eliminating rodents.

Caroline-Stratford-5 Stars

These products were recommended to me by a friend. The website was easy to use and the delivery very fast. Most importantly they work!

Kevin-North London-5 Stars

Products that work, fast delivery and good communication from company, I would recommend buying from them

Ryan-Swindon-5 Stars

Carried out some detailed research as to what company and what product to buy. I was pleased with the speedy delivery and the quality of the product.

Would definitely recommend to others.

Sarah-Sleaford-5 Stars

Was reluctant to buy the glue traps as I've read mixed reviews on the internet! These ones worked incredibly well, fast delivery too!

Sally-Manchester-5 Stars

Product is second-to-none! I've tried everything else and the glue trap are the only thing that works!!

John-Liverpool-5 Stars

The sticky pads are phenomenal, caught so many mice I've lost count! Happy days!

Jimmy-Reading-5 Stars

Great service got exactly what I ordered next day delivery brilliant would certainly recommend

Thomas-Liverpool-5 Stars

Have used the mouse glue traps before and they are definitely the best glue boards on the market!

Sarah-York-5 Stars

Prompt delivery of sticky mouse pads. Had problems with mice that my cat brought in. One was living behind my cooker. Tried mouse traps and electronic devices but could not catch mouse. I put down 1 sticky pad but the mouse jumped over it. I then put several down next to each other and hey Presto caught the mouse. Would definitely recommend the company and the sticky pads. One very happy customer.

Liam-Southampton-5 Stars

Reasonably priced and prompt delivery will do business again.

Products were second to none!

Charlie-Exeter-5 Stars

We'd had second visit by mice this year. This time there seemed to be a lot more. As it turns out we caught 16 with the glueboards. Pretty sure they've all been caught. Fingers crossed

Paul-Birmingham-5 Stars

Bought the glue trap since 1 week ago and already caught two mice.

Freddie-Plymouth-5 Stars

I reluctantly ordered 24 mouse glue boards as the regular traps didn't work. They work a treat as I caught 5 mice on the first night. They arrived well packaged and the glue was super sticky. Will definitely order more when or if the mice return.

Julian-Liverpool-5 Stars

Product delivered the next day after ordering and within 2 days caught the critter. Brilliant

Daz-London-5 Stars

I am more than happy with your product and caught two mice in 48hrs after months of stress , traps and poison. I hope not to have to use the traps again, I still have some left! I shall certainly be recommending your company to anybody who has mice problems.

Steve-Wakefield-5 Stars

Dispatched and received within 24 hrs, exactly as the order, great!

Joan-Devon-5 Stars

after weeks of trying to catch a very intelligent mouse, which avoided traps and poison and ran around the bedroom, causing sleepless nights, I ordered glue traps and caught it the first night. I cannot begin to say the relief I feel. I was lying awake listening to it scratching,then running under the bed. wonderful product, wonderful service Thank you

Leon-Sussex-5 Stars

very happy have caught 6 mice so far very happy with the results

Hannah-York-5 Stars

I'm forever getting field mice in my house and I've tried all kinds of mice traps. These glue traps are the best. Works every time

Lisa-Barnsley-5 Stars

The product was excellent, service perfect and delivered as promised

Gerald-Scarborough-5 Stars

Brilliant, does what it says... Fast realiable service.

Mike-Blackpool-5 Stars

I had mice in my room and tried various ways to get rid of them including 2 types of poison, pest repeller, and traps. Nothing worked so thought i would try this. After 2 nights, the 2 clever mice were caught. Now i can sleep in peace. Next time i'll just buy this straight away instead of wasting money.

Vanessa-Bristol-5 Stars

So easy to order, easy to pay, advice 100%, quality product, delivery 100%. All in all happy customer, ty

Nicole-Kent-5 Stars

They do the job, thank goodness as mice are SO bright and learn very quickly! I was practically over run with them until I got the glue traps!

Colin-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

Great product. great service. Tried every other way to get rid of the mice but the glue boards are infinitely better than anything else. Caught 2 mice on the same board last week!

Fiona-Brighton-5 Stars

After searching everywhere for mice glue, I and my husband finally came across these glue boards. We didn't even think twice before ordering some as I am fed up and depressed with the mice all around the house. We ordered 24 glue traps and some other items too. And also as someone who works in B&Q and having bought mice traps and non worked. I kid you not( we've caught 10 mice so far.) I'm very happy with my purchase, very affordable and quick on delivery! Thank you!

Darren-Colchester-5 Stars

Super fast delivery and good price! Mousetraps are super effective!

Jeff-Romford-5 Stars

Informative website to help choose the most appropriate items for my basket. I very much appreciated the limited choice so I didn't feel bamboozled, and reassured by the high quality of goods available. Delivery good.

Lou-Hartlepool-5 Stars

The glue traps are amazing

As much as I hate the fact that I need them

They surely are working!!!

Thank you

Brian-Weymouth-5 Stars

These glue traps are absolutely brilliant. Have used ordinary mouse traps before but these definitely catch the little blighters as they make their way around the said mouse traps even two mice at once. We would recommend these.

Gemma-Northampton-5 Stars

Quick and efficient delivery of the product. Glue traps worked well and lots mice caught so far.

Mandy-Carlisle-5 Stars

Effective product and very fast delivery. Would recommend.

Connor-Birmingham-5 Stars

Great product and I was always kept up to date during the order process and delivery. Thank you.

Anna-Surrey-5 Stars

Very quick delivery and helpful updates at each stage of dispatch process. Thank you for speed in my time of need!

Linda-Newcastle-5 Stars

Great quality, easy to fix, arrived on time! Best of all, I have no mice!!!

Robbie-Lincolnshire-5 Stars

Ordered some glue traps. The product was robust as described and have worked. The item was competitively priced. What impressed me most was the tracking process for the delivery of the item. Very efficient.

Penny-Manchester-5 Stars

Very quick delivery and very quick results thankfully!! Pesky little mice have been put on notice, the glue traps have even caught a few sneaky flies in the attic too.

Helen-Leeds-5 Stars

Great item used the day after with 100% success . Will definitely buy from again when need arises.

Neil-Penzance-5 Stars

Fast Delivery, and most effective way to catch mice. We tried few ways before ordering these glue traps and none was successful. immediate and swift action with best result

Ali-Croydon-5 Stars

Order and came next day, laid them in the night and caught two mice that night. Very good product no mess, would definitely use and order again

M Lloyd-Monmouthshire-5 Stars

Where traps and bait failed these did the trick straight away.

Sandra J-London-5 Stars

We think our rascal cat had brought in a mouse about a week ago & we only realised when we had a leak in the kitchen & found droppings under cupboard. Bought various traps, different types of poison, spent about 50 quid and the wise mouse would never get caught. Researched about the glue paper and found it here with excellent reviews. Received it this morning, laid five sheets in the afternoon by 6 pm the mouse was trapped. What a relief. Packed it in a box and out it went. The best sticky sheets and I highly recommend this company. Don't purchase from anywhere else as you can be sure these are excellent stuff.

Charlotte-Essex-5 Stars

Excellent! Had problems with mice on and off for a few years now, they always like to come in during the summer months! Having bought poison and snap traps, weeks before, the mice were wise to these! Within 2 days, we caught 2 mice using the glue traps! Saw another stray one a few days later, put the glue trap out and was caught 2 hours later! Although not nice to deal with, I have very little sympathy anyway, after months of misery... would definitely recommend and would 100% use these again.

Stephen and Penny-Greenwich-5 Stars

Thank God for pest supermarket. Having been plagued by mice for two months and used any number of traps and poison unsuccessfully the glue boards did the trick. 3 dead mice and our house restored!

Mr Emons-Taunton-5 Stars

Arrived next day and the mouse was caught overnight.

Michael Ellis-Dorset-5 Stars

the perfect stockist for all things pest Control. 5 mice in 2 nights excellent!

Wyn-Birmingham-5 Stars

Rat caught at last....better than any trap.

Mina-London-5 Stars

Very happy with the service, quick delivery. Very good quality of the product and does an excellent job!

Bal-London-5 Stars

Absolutely brilliant.. 3 mice caught in as many days!

Jon peters-Rochester kent-5 Stars

These work a treat!

Since the cold has set in we have had an issue with mice, the snap traps worked for a while but the mice seem to become wise to them and havent caught one for a while.

Gave these sticky pads a go and caught 5 mice in one night!!

These are well worth the money.

Fantastic product!

Mrs Egerton-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Used these in my bird shed as traps were not working as the mice were just going for the bird seed . They really do the job, Thank you