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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

Our Price: £14.95

Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Traps are a highly effective method of mouse control, delivering rapid results. Each mouse glue trap measures a full 22 x 14cm, with an extra strong adhesive. These mouse trap boards should not be confused with cheaper, inferior sticky boards that are often not strong enough to successfully trap mice! 

Suitable for home or business use. Ideal for difficult to treat situations such as food premises, or where control with mouse traps, mouse poison or baits have proved unsuccessful.

PLEASE NOTE: Mouse Glue Trap products vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. Many glue traps available are often designed primarily for insects, or fail to trap as they are too small in size. Our mouse glue boards are always industrial strength.

Mouse Glue Traps by Pest Expert
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6 £13.20
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Customer Reviews

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Immie-London-5 Stars

Had a major mouse did a search and found this site on Google, the sticky traps advertised as 'industrial strength' so I took the plunge. The items arrived in a jiffy and we caught six mice in under a week. A problem that had been ongoing for 3 months was sorted that quick. Overall a quality company, service excellent, delivery quick and products devastated my local mouse community. Can't ask for more.

John Turnbull-Hull-5 Stars

These mouse glue boards really are industrial strength.... They trapped eight mice in just one night! Excellent result and all round good company to deal with. J.T.

lesley-edinburgh-5 Stars

Great company,their products are exactly as described. As I need rid of the mice, glue traps it is! 4 caught in a couple of days. Going to order more so I have them just in case.....

Dr Jon Miller-Stroud Green, London-5 Stars

I tried - poison pellets, traps, electronic repellents but nothing worked. So I tried your glue traps - day 1- 2 mice, day 2 - 3 mice, day 3 - 2 mice, at last something that really works. Easy, clean and easy disposal

Pauline-London-5 Stars

Excellent service, delivery next day. Put down glue boards and 3 mice captured in one night. Not the most humane way to deal with them but when all else has failed. Mice were killed straight away and not left to suffer.

Cole-Stockton on Tees-5 Stars

My elderly mum had mice running around the house for several months, we tried a variety of traps to no avail. Paid £50 pound to the council who did nothing different. We resorted to laying poisons, this didn't work either. Within half an hour of laying these boards the mice were caught and problem solved! So easy to use. Thank you so much!

Charlotte-London-5 Stars

I've tried everything to get rid of these mice and THIS product caught it in one day. Bloody amazing.

Peter the mouse trapper-Cardiff-5 Stars

Only had the boards down 1 minute caught him straight away superb

Susan-Cardiff-5 Stars

Bought sticky pads, put one downstairs and two upstairs, Within 15 minutes there were three mice caught, two on one pad and one on the other, at disposal we knew where they ended up, unlike poisoning where you don't know where dead mice are.

Tracy-Lancaster-5 Stars

The sticky paper has already caught 6 mice...Excellent.

Nichola-Liverpool-5 Stars

I am so pleased with products I've bought after having a mouse for 3 months having bought poison, traps and mouse sticky mats else where it didn't get rid of the problem. I found this company last week on line and ordered mouse sticky mats they arrived next day as stated. The day we put mats down mouse was caught the mats do what they say. unlike other mats from other companies the mouse was getting off them. Thank you for excellent service and products I would highly recommended.

Mary-East Yorkshire-5 Stars

These are excellent, especially for catching tiny mice which are too small to trip a normal trap. Not for the squeamish though as the mouse is alive, stuck to the pad and has to be disposed of.

Mandy-Birmingham-5 Stars

Well. .this product was delivered a week ago. ..and after debating for 2 days...decided to put down boards, despite my overwhelming fear of rodents. But my cousin was available to monitor the traps for me. ..1st four days. ...nothing. ..this morning. mouse caught...keeping the boards down for a while longer to see if any more mice comes visiting again! !!



Klara-London-5 Stars

Fast delivery. Very good quality.

Chris Saunders-London-5 Stars

Excellent service. As above: an excellent service at a reasonable cost - did what it said on the tin, so to speak.

Susan-Liverpool-5 Stars

Bought sticky pads, put one downstairs and two upstairs, Within 15 minutes there were three mice caught, two on one pad and one on the other, quite upsetting listening to them struggling, but at disposal we knew where they ended up, unlike poisoning where you don't know where dead mice are.

Nichola-Liverpool-5 Stars

I am so pleased with products I've bought after having a mouse for 3 months having bought poison, traps and mouse sticky mats else where it didn't get rid of the problem.i found this company last week on line and ordered mouse sticky mats they arrived next day as stated.the day we put mats down mouse was caught the mats do what they say..unlike other mats from other companies the mouse was getting off them. Thank you for excellent service and products I would highly reccomended.

Gayle Brown-Alloa-5 Stars

Kept up to date with order. Could track the delivery which meant it was delivered very quickly. Arrived well packed and the glue boards have worked really well.

Denise-Surrey-5 Stars

Great service - Very good quality goods

Austin-London-5 Stars

mouse pesssssssst - everything worked 100%

Cheryl-Liverpool-5 Stars

Excellent service - Very fast and efficient service. I would recommend to everyone

Trevor-Essex-5 Stars

swift - the items arrived quickly and packaged well.

Mark-Derbyshire-5 Stars

Great product had mice for a while, had pest control experts in spent best part of £300 on devices and traps not one mouse caught, however with these glue boards 2 mice in 15 mins, replaced glue boards now to re capture, I'm that impressed with my mouse catching skills I'm thinking about getting a cape and matching pants. :-)

Gavin Harrington-London-5 Stars

Sells products for money. They sell things. I bought things from them. I was satisfied. I have bought from them again since. There was no greater hassle. I was, again, satisfied. I would consider using them again to buy... things.

Jackie Pono-Liverpool-5 Stars

EXCELLENT very god service competitively priced wii use again

Sophia-London-5 Stars

Exceptional standard! Placed order Monday evening, arrived in clear discreet packaging Tuesday morning - I don't know how they did it! The item ordered actually works - I am very pleased with this company

Melvyn-London-5 Stars

brilliant service i can not fault the service provided. its the second time i have used the company and i will use them again and would recomend them to others.

Immie-London-5 Stars

Service Quick, Product Outstanding Had a major mouse problem, poisons had no effect, humane traps didn't work so did a search and found this site on Google, the sticky traps advertised as 'industrial strength' so I took the plunge. The items arrived in a jiffy and we caught six mice in under a week. A problem that had been ongoing for 3 months was sorted that quick. Also emailed them about the longevity of the traps and was got a response within a day or two. Overall a quality company, service excellent, delivery quick and products devastated my local mouse community. Can't ask for more

James-Devon-5 Stars

Excellent Very good quality products, great value and delivered promptly. Thanks!

Tracy-DARTFORD-5 Stars

very good Easy to use site, super fast delivery! The mouse strips worked when nothing else would. We caught one within 2 hours. I have recommended this site to a few other people I know who are having problems with mice.

Claire-Great Yarmouth-5 Stars

great service - so quick! the service was great - speedy as hell! the product arrived less than 24 hours after ordering. as far as I can tell it's done the job too - no mice since!

Sue-Birmingham-5 Stars

speedy and correct Simple to order, came quickly - and product is doing the job

The Lawn Company-Sleaford-5 Stars

Fantasctic One word, a sentence is not required!

Pauline-Cardiff-5 Stars

No complaints at all Pest control was very efficient my order and delivery was done within 3 days would reccomend this company to anyone.

R Dixon-London-5 Stars

Good communication, rapid delivery, excellent product. As above. Happy with the transaction.

Simon Woodroffe-Birmingham-5 Stars

Highly professional company with super products Genuinely helpful & professional company that take an interest in your issues & have some great products for sale. We have caught 3000 mice with these products (yes we had major problem!) their glue boards are simply the best on the market. Also efficient beyond belief!!

Kevin-Cromer-5 Stars

easy to order and delivered next day - great service would use again without hesitation

Raymond-Croydon-5 Stars

a1 service,very quick delivery parcel was received within 2 days of ordering item.

Ruth-Liss-5 Stars

Excellent and prompt service. Does what it says.

Robert banks-Aldborough-5 Stars

Tom one Jerry nil Very good service and so far it seems to be working.Caught six mice during the first week.

Peter-London-5 Stars

Excellent product that actually does the job, speedy delivery too. After several weeks of mouse infestation, and having tried virtually every type of pest control device traps, ultrasonic deterrent, poison) that a well known DIY store has to offer to no avail, we finally resorted to Pest Control Supermarket glue traps. These were delivered in one day, and within a couple of hours of putting them down, they caught first one mouse followed the morning after by another, and then on the following day, a further and hopefully final one, now that we have blocked their entry point. These glue traps are excellent - OK they cost a bit more than the standard pest control device might but very much less than the 50 quid spent on useless devices that are not fit for purpose, they have more than proved their worth. Now to write to the well-known DIY chain to ask them why their products are such a waste of money

Chris-London-5 Stars

Life would be terrible without Pestcontrol as it is the best on the market Hello well I have to tell you that the rodent problem has been solved with my purchase of mouse mats they are so sticky mice cannot escape I totally recommend Pest control to anyone

Graham-Petts Wood-5 Stars

Deal with the best to catch a Pest Very good price and service

Ian bowie-Harpenden-5 Stars

5 star pest control The choice of supplies is explained very well to enable you to choose the right method of pest control. I particularly appreciated the guidance on proper treatment to lessen suffering. Also very good communications with regard to delivery.

John-Wirral-5 Stars

Excellent product and superb service. I reluctantly had to resort to the sticky pads as no other method of controlling the mice worked and the damage was becoming extensive. If you are in the same boat these products work very well, are easy to handle and once folded are easy to dispose of. The service from Pest Control Supermarket was top notch and the products were delivered exactly as described and within one day. Very impressive on all counts.

Fiona-Widnes-5 Stars

Excellent service. Received the goods next day. The goods were of a high standard. I would definitely use this company again.

Nick-Bognor Regis-5 Stars

Great service - great product that works !!!!! We bought the sticky mouse traps as the last resort as no mouse poison or old fashioned traps worked. On the first time of using the sticky pads we caught the blighter !!!! These pads are extremely sticky and having a catering establishment we had quite a few food sources around hence why other methods did not work. Would highly recommend.

Alyson-Alyth-5 Stars

Fast, reliable and product as described Fast, reliable and product as described. Thanks

Mick-Tyne and Wear-5 Stars

stuck on my product hi, bought the product after suffering months of mice problems. quick & effective

Jerry-Dartford-5 Stars

Excellent service, Excellent product I was having difficulty obtaining Gluetraps, I searched all the big DIY and major hardware stores. Pest control supermarket has it all - I should have gone there in the first place. I placed my order and got an email every step of the way from confirmation of order to processing and despatch. The items arrived in a few days - and the traps did the job.

Noshin-Leicester-5 Stars

It works! Caught the mouse that has been driving my student daughter to distraction after traps didn't work.

Sylvia-Morden-5 Stars

good communication, fast delivery. The company communicated well and provided a speedy delivery

Lee P-Eye-5 Stars

Easy & quick to order & fast delivery We have always found it easy to order & as a repeat customer it's quick too. The prices are the best we can find & the delivery is very quick.

Sergio-London-5 Stars

After being frustated with other methods I bought these traps and laid three down. Less than an hour later got one mouse already. Very good indeed and do not need bait. Would recommend this product 100%

Kati--5 Stars

I had a huge mice problem 2 years ago, nothing worked, used poison for weeks, felt as if i was feeding them :( Problem solved with those traps in few days. Now unfortunately i have the fuckers again in my flat, but 2 already gone, in 2 days. Pretty amazing. The only problem is that i cant dispose them by myself, i have a phobia, i cant even look at it, and they make noise once trapped. Extremely unpleasant. No, i dont have a problem with them suffering, i wish they could pass the message to family and friends - Dont ever go to this house, you will die in pain- . !!! Anyway, best ever way to get rid of unpleasant guest in your house!

Chloe Atkins-London-5 Stars

We've been at war with these mice for the past 7 months since we moved in. Council won't do nothing but half asked jobs with yellow foam. I was sick and tired of the constant battle trying to get the problem solved as I have 2 young babies. Nothing and I mean NOTHING was working. I came across these traps so thought I'd give them a go. I was So happy that within just 5 minutes of the traps being down we caught a mouse! They are just simply amazing and the fact that they smell like bubblegum instead of a disgusting glue that you can smell 5 feet away is just awesome. I couldn't recommend these enough! Since they have been down my panic attacks have reduced dramatically (I have a rodent phobia) and my paranoia had decreased too. Will deffo 100% be buying them again

Mrs Egerton-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Used these in my bird shed as traps were not working as the mice were just going for the bird seed . They really do the job, Thank you .

Jon peters-Rochester kent-5 Stars

These work a treat! Since the cold has set in we have had an issue with mice, the snap traps worked for a while but the mice seem to become wise to them and havent caught one for a while. Gave these sticky pads a go and caught 5 mice in one night!! These are well worth the money. Fantastic product!

Bal-London-5 Stars

Absolutely brilliant.. 3 mice caught in as many days!

Mina-London-5 Stars

Very happy with the service, quick delivery. Very good quality of the product and does an excellent job!

Wyn-Birmingham-5 Stars

Rat caught at last....better than any trap.

Michael Ellis-Dorset-5 Stars

the perfect stockist for all things pest Control. 5 mice in 2 nights excellent!

Mr Emons-Taunton-5 Stars

Arrived next day and the mouse was caught overnight.

Stephen and Penny-Greenwich-5 Stars

Thank God for pest supermarket. Having been plagued by mice for two months and used any number of traps and poison unsuccessfully the glue boards did the trick. 3 dead mice and our house restored!

Charlotte-Essex-5 Stars

Excellent! Had problems with mice on and off for a few years now, they always like to come in during the summer months! Having bought poison and snap traps, weeks before, the mice were wise to these! Within 2 days, we caught 2 mice using the glue traps! Saw another stray one a few days later, put the glue trap out and was caught 2 hours later! Although not nice to deal with, I have very little sympathy anyway, after months of misery... would definitely recommend and would 100% use these again.

Sandra J-London-5 Stars

We think our rascal cat had brought in a mouse about a week ago & we only realised when we had a leak in the kitchen & found droppings under cupboard. Bought various traps, different types of poison, spent about 50 quid and the wise mouse would never get caught. Researched about the glue paper and found it here with excellent reviews. Received it this morning, laid five sheets in the afternoon by 6 pm the mouse was trapped. What a relief. Packed it in a box and out it went. The best sticky sheets and I highly recommend this company. Don't purchase from anywhere else as you can be sure these are excellent stuff.

M Lloyd-Monmouthshire-5 Stars

Where traps and bait failed these did the trick straight away.

Ali-Croydon-5 Stars

Order and came next day, laid them in the night and caught two mice that night. Very good product no mess, would definitely use and order again

Neil-Penzance-5 Stars

Fast Delivery, and most effective way to catch mice. We tried few ways before ordering these glue traps and none was successful. immediate and swift action with best result

Helen-Leeds-5 Stars

Great item used the day after with 100% success . Will definitely buy from again when need arises.

Penny-Manchester-5 Stars

Very quick delivery and very quick results thankfully!! Pesky little mice have been put on notice, the glue traps have even caught a few sneaky flies in the attic too.

Robbie-Lincolnshire-5 Stars

Ordered some glue traps. The product was robust as described and have worked. The item was competitively priced. What impressed me most was the tracking process for the delivery of the item. Very efficient.

Linda-Newcastle-5 Stars

Great quality, easy to fix, arrived on time! Best of all, I have no mice!!!

Anna-Surrey-5 Stars

Very quick delivery and helpful updates at each stage of dispatch process. Thank you for speed in my time of need!

Connor-Birmingham-5 Stars

Great product and I was always kept up to date during the order process and delivery. Thank you.

Mandy-Carlisle-5 Stars

Effective product and very fast delivery. Would recommend.

Gemma-Northampton-5 Stars

Quick and efficient delivery of the product. Glue traps worked well and lots mice caught so far.

Brian-Weymouth-5 Stars

These glue traps are absolutely brilliant. Have used ordinary mouse traps before but these definitely catch the little blighters as they make their way around the said mouse traps even two mice at once. We would recommend these.

Lou-Hartlepool-5 Stars

The glue traps are amazing As much as I hate the fact that I need them They surely are working!!! Thank you

Jeff-Romford-5 Stars

Informative website to help choose the most appropriate items for my basket. I very much appreciated the limited choice so I didn't feel bamboozled, and reassured by the high quality of goods available. Delivery good.

Darren-Colchester-5 Stars

Super fast delivery and good price! Mousetraps are super effective!

Fiona-Brighton-5 Stars

After searching everywhere for mice glue, I and my husband finally came across these glue boards. We didn't even think twice before ordering some as I am fed up and depressed with the mice all around the house. We ordered 24 glue traps and some other items too. And also as someone who works in B&Q and having bought mice traps and non worked. I kid you not( we've caught 10 mice so far.) I'm very happy with my purchase, very affordable and quick on delivery! Thank you!

Colin-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

Great product. great service. Tried every other way to get rid of the mice but the glue boards are infinitely better than anything else. Caught 2 mice on the same board last week!

Nicole-Kent-5 Stars

They do the job, thank goodness as mice are SO bright and learn very quickly! I was practically over run with them until I got the glue traps!

Vanessa-Bristol-5 Stars

So easy to order, easy to pay, advice 100%, quality product, delivery 100%. All in all happy customer, ty

Mike-Blackpool-5 Stars

I had mice in my room and tried various ways to get rid of them including 2 types of poison, pest repeller, and traps. Nothing worked so thought i would try this. After 2 nights, the 2 clever mice were caught. Now i can sleep in peace. Next time i'll just buy this straight away instead of wasting money.

Gerald-Scarborough-5 Stars

Brilliant, does what it says... Fast realiable service.

Lisa-Barnsley-5 Stars

The product was excellent, service perfect and delivered as promised

Hannah-York-5 Stars

I'm forever getting field mice in my house and I've tried all kinds of mice traps. These glue traps are the best. Works every time