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Pest Expert Formula P Spider Killer Powder 300g

Our Price: £4.95

Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Spider Powder is a fast-acting contact dust that contains the powerful insecticide Permethrin which kills spiders on contact. It also has a long-lasting effect and maintains control for up to 12 weeks. Formula ‘P’ Powder is versatile as it can be used in the home, business, garage and shed.

Formula ‘P’ Powder can be applied to all surfaces including carpets and surfaces where spiders are present. It can also be applied to potential points of entry which will provide spider control for 12 weeks. The powder is supplied in an easy-to-use puffer pack which enables precise and straight forward application.

To ensure rapid eradication, we suggest that Formula ‘P’ Spider Powder is used alongside Formula ‘C+’ Spider Spray for increased residual protection.

See also our Spider Treatment Kits, which are supplied with a step-by-step professional advice sheet.

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Spider Treatment Kit (Standard)

Spider Treatment Kit (Standard)

The Pest Expert Spider Killer Kit has been specially designed by pest control experts to eradicate spiders from the home or business. The kit has a combination of active ingredients that provide rapid knockdown of all life stages of spiders. The kit is comprised of two smoke bomb fumigation devices, a powerful Permethrin powder and Formula ‘C+’ Spray, both of which provide long-lasting control for 12 weeks. The kit also comes complete with a step-by-step advice sheet enabling you to carry out a professional treatment and achieve successful spider control.
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Formula 'C+' Spider Killer Spray 1ltr

Formula 'C+' Spider Killer Spray 1ltr

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Spider Killer Spray is the new formulation of the bestselling ready-to-use spider killer spray. Containing three powerful active ingredients, the improved formula kills spiders on contact whilst leaving a long-lasting residue, maintaining spider control for up to 12 weeks. The unique combination of actives makes Formula C+ the most powerful and effective spider spray available to the amateur market and the perfect product for quick and effective eradication of any level of spider infestation. This 1L canister will treat up to 50 sq. m in a single application.
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Formula 'P' Fumer Spider Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Formula 'P' Fumer Spider Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Smoke Bombs are a fantastic insecticidal fumigation device that delivers rapid knockdown of spiders. Formula ‘P’ Smoke Bombs contain maximum strength Permethrin which kills all spiders exposed to the airspace. Smoke bombs are an integral part of a spider eradication process. The Smoke bombs are non-residual, meaning they leave no odour or residue on any household furnishings.
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