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Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (Twin Pack)

Our Price: £6.95

Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs - Twin Pack

Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs (or smoke generators) are the perfect solution for getting rid of cluster flies in lofts and roofspaces. They are an excellent fly killer, and an integral part of any fly treatment programme, providing a fast and highly effective method of killing flies and many other insect pests.

Apply at a rate of one smoke bomb per 120 cubic metres. One smoke bomb will typically treat a room of approx 6m x 8m (assuming a standard ceiling height), so two would be required to treat a standard loft space. Once lit, the room/loft should be closed and left for at least 2-3 hours and then ventilated thoroughly upon reentering. Heavy infestations may require more than one treatment.

As smoke bombs have no residual value once the smoke disperses, to help maintain successful fly control they are best used in combination with Formula 'C' Fly Spray.

Unbeatable Value! Stock up and pay only £2.72 per smoke bomb, when ordering 11 or more twinpacks.

Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs from £6.38
Qty From Qty To Unit Price
1 £6.95
2 5 £6.45
6 10 £5.95
11 £5.45
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Customer Reviews

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Oliver-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Easy to use and kills flies - just what I was looking for!

David-Essex-5 Stars

Used 2 of these in our loft (we have quite a big loft) and within minutes 'they were dropping like flies'. Fantastic product!


Great product, fast delivery, flies gone!

Harry-Kettering-5 Stars

Have used pest expert products for fleas but have an issue with cluster flies this time. The smoke bomb did the trick and once again, I'm cluster fly free :)

Sarah-Chatsworth-5 Stars

Fantastic product! Produced a healthy amount of smoke and killed all the cluster flies! Fast delivery too!

Glen-Peterborough-5 Stars

Great product and easy to set up. Delivered quickly as advertised.

Amy-Darlington-5 Stars

very good service, very good chemicals. I will buy again if I'll need in the future.

Paula-Hartlepool-5 Stars

Very Impressed with the quality of the smoke bombs and service levels..

Robbie-Newcastle-5 Stars

Did the trick and was quick.

As before the delivery was prompt and as ordered.

Charlie-Sheffield-5 Stars

The item arrived promptly and they worked. What more can one ask.

Bart-Cardiff-5 Stars

Excellent service and product was very effective against the fly problem I had

Gertrude-Liverpool-5 Stars

Placed order then had to amend delivery date to a time when I would be in. Delivery arrived on time and was exactly as described on website. A very efficient service

Anne-Inverness-5 Stars

No problems good website easy ordering sent very quickly

Gordon-Grimsby-5 Stars

the smoke from 2 mini 'bombs' appears to have worked in an average size loft space

Steve-Cambridge-5 Stars

I thoroughly recommend the Pest Control Supermarket. Their website was clear and ordering over the internet was simple and very quick, just like their delivery. I would use them again if I need further supplies

David-Scotland-5 Stars

Product was easy to find and well described so you knew which product to select.

Ordering also easily executed. Delivery very quick. No problems

Gaz-Rotherham-5 Stars

I found the items I purchased to be of great quality and if I need more it is good to know I can have them very quickly due to there very fast dispatch after payment policy A+++

Sonia-Canterbury-5 Stars

The service regarding this product was spot on, no complaints whatsoever

Graham-Ripon-5 Stars

very pleased with service will definately use again

Matt-Wimbledon-5 Stars

I've used your products for several years now, whist I still get flies - and so does most of the village - your products certainly control them as effectively as I could expect. One key factor is to treat them regularly!!

Allison-Stockport-5 Stars

Well explained - arrived the next day and did exactly what it said. I will be buying again when the flies return

Penelope-Fife-5 Stars

I have used cluster flies several times over the years and they are brilliant. Their products are delivered quickly and are simply marvellous - they really do work and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Get rid of those cluster flies NOW!!

Kay G-Yorkshire-5 Stars

Fast delivery. Excellent product, got rid of Cluster fly problem I had for years.

James Elliott-Hampshire-5 Stars

Problem with cluster flies. Used the Pest Expert Formula P Cluster Fly Super Fumer Smoke Bomb 11g. Easy to use. Totally effective. I had underestimated the problem - after seeing only a few flies - but once I used the product it was clear the problem was much bigger. Unfortunately, it does appear to be an annual problem now, but one single use of this product and it prevents it being one for another year. Definitely recommend. Quick to post too.

Mrs Diana van Leuven-London, South West-5 Stars

Great service and product. Cluster flies died after using a smoke bomb which was easy and efficient.

Ross-ILKLEY-5 Stars

Well price and amazingly effective product.

Georgie Foss-Colchester-5 Stars

The dread of Autumn is removed with the midi fumer, a quickly fog up of our loft and issues removed!!

Mr&Mrs Downes-Cumbria-5 Stars

Me and my wife will be returning to pest expert for our fly problem next year.

Mr.-Aberdeen-5 Stars

Excellent service, cluster fly bomb arrived quickly and worked perfectly.

Olivia Smith-Worcester-5 Stars

Destroyed the little pests in seconds flat.

S..-Yorkshire-5 Stars

A* rated product

Dick Hayes-UK-5 Stars

These have freed my new house from pesky flies

Amy J-Derby-5 Stars

We choose pestexpert bombs every year, we have not been let down yet.

Abdul-KETTERING-5 Stars

Excellent product can not fault the service either. Thnks

Terrance-London-5 Stars

Plagued by cluster flies no more, within a few hours our issue was resolved

Colin-Hampshire-5 Stars

Pest Control Supermarket's products really work and the service is first class, too. Thoroughly recommend

Maussie-Bridlington-5 Stars

The products I ordered arrived swiftly and instructions were easy to follow. Hopefully it is 'Goodbye' cluster flies!!! I would not hesitate to recommend this company in the future.

Mrs H-Norfolk-5 Stars

Just what I need for the cluster flies!

Ronald-Flamborough-5 Stars

Very good products at great price.

Julie-Slough-5 Stars

Had trouble with cluster flies for quite a while, everyone said how difficult they were to get rid of. Brought cluster fly killer and it was delivered the next day. It was very easy to use and they were all dead from the first use. Very pleased with the product and customer service. Highly Reccomended!!

Val-Bristol-5 Stars

Arrived speedily and worked well as far as can tell at this early stage - will have to see if any cluster flies return. There has been no sign since I used the smoke bomb.

Mrs Cross-Pontefract-5 Stars

Good cluster fly killer well priced

Francesco Bogino-Maidenhead-5 Stars

We've had a cluster fly infestation for a while. The products from pest control supermarket are great. I've just used the smoke bombs for cluster flies, easy and safe to use. I rang up before buying for advice and they were really helpful and explained all the possible solutions clearly. The cluster flies are now all gone. Not a single one of the blighters left. I've also bought a few other products to make sure they don't come back. Thanks pest control supermarket.

Mairianne-Essex-5 Stars

Very happy with smoke bombs. Will use this company in the future again

Adam-Somerton-5 Stars


The item arrived promptly and it worked. What more can one ask.

Anne-Liverpool-5 Stars

Excellent service, delivery and products

No problems whatsoever, great service and products

Brian Mckeever-Sevenoaks-5 Stars

Your service is very good

The product I bought did not work and I still have the problrem with cluster flies.

David-Turners Hill-5 Stars

Very prompt delivery, excellent products.

We had a problem with cluster flies, visited the website. It said use smoke bombs once the first frost has passed when the flies will be in the roof voids. We did. There must have been tens of thousands and we killed the lot for £40. Much cheaper than pest control companies. We repeat once a year to prevent recurrence. works like a dream - no more flies !!

Simon Johnson-Galashiels-5 Stars

SUPERB - GREAT Items with a super Fast effiecent service

Mr. Bernard Watson-Merthyr Tydfil-5 Stars

Products supplied on a timely manner

Mary Dunn-Essex-5 Stars

Great service. Very impressed with quick timed delivery. Time will tell if the products have solved our problem.

David Smith-Suffolk-5 Stars

We had a problem with cluster flies, visited the website. It said use smoke bombs when the flies are in the roof voids. We did. There must have been tens of thousands and we killed the lot for £40. Much cheaper than pest control companies. We repeat once a year to prevent recurrence. Works like a dream - no more cluster flies !!