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Pest Expert Formula P Carpet Beetle Smoke Bombs (twinpack)

Our Price: £6.95

The Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Smoke bombs are an excellent method of control when dealing with a carpet beetle infestation. Containing Permethrin at the maximum legal strength, these highly effective smoke bombs provides rapid knockdown of adult carpet beetles.

The Smoke bombs are non-staining, odourless and non-residual meaning you don’t have to remove any items from the affected room prior to fumigation. One-two smoke bombs will treat a standard sized room for carpet beetles.

Simply light the smoke bomb and place it on a heatproof surface and leave the room for three hours, followed by 1-2 hours of ventilation by opening doors and windows. Once the fumigated room has been fully ventilated, it will be fine to use as normal.

It is advised that for a more thorough treatment and to maintain longer term control, the Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Smoke Bombs are best used in conjunction with both the Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Powder and Formula ‘C’ Spray.

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Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Carpet Beetle Spray 1L

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Carpet Beetle Killer Spray is the new formulation of the bestselling ready-to-use carpet beetle killer spray. Containing three powerful active ingredients, the improved formula kills carpet beetle on contact whilst leaving a long-lasting residue, maintaining carpet beetle control for up to 12 weeks. The unique combination of actives make Formula C+ the most powerful and effective carpet beetle spray available to the amateur market and the perfect product for quick and effective eradication of any level of carpet beetle infestation. This 1L canister will treat up to 50 sq m in a single application.
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Price: £6.95
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