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Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Carpet Beetle Spray 1L

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The Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Spray is a water-based insecticidal spray that kills carpet beetles on contact. The spray dries to leave a residue of insecticide behind that lasts for 12 weeks, providing long term control.

The Formula ‘C’ Spray is odourless and solvent-free so it can be applied on furnishings and fabrics that would not be damaged by a light misting of water, although we recommend it is used with caution on delicate items.

The 1 Litre of Formula ‘C’ Spray can be used in all households, including those with animals and young children providing the instructions are followed with care. Once the spray has been applied, it is important to stay out of the treated room until it is dry (approximately 3 hours).

Formula ‘C’ Spray contains the broad spectrum, professional strength insecticide Cypermethrin at the maximum legal strength (0/1w/w, 1g/litre). The active ingredient will control a wide variety of both crawling and flying insects, including beetles, moths, ants, bed bugs, flies and fleas.

One litre of the Formula C Spray will treat approximately 25 square metres, but areas that are heavily infested may require another treatment.

When treating a carpet beetle infested room with the Pest Expert Formula C Spray, it is advised a light misting is applied to the areas that have signs of damage. These areas are often around the edges of the carpet. Once the insecticide has been applied, the room should be vacated for 3-4 hours to give the spray enough time to completely dry. After this time, the room will be fine to use as normal. It is advised that vacuuming should be avoided for as long as possible post-treatment, as this will remove the insecticidal residue.

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