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Formula 'P' Pro Fumer Silverfish Smoke Bomb (Twin Pack)

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New to market, Pest Expert Formula 'P' Pro Fumer Silverfish Smoke Bombs contain the same powerful insecticide permethrin as the standard fumers but will treat two times the area. Pro Fumers are a highly effective silverfish killer and an integral part of any silverfish treatment, as the insecticidal smoke they release helps penetrate cracks and crevices where silverfish may be harbouring.

For a faster knockdown and to maintain longer-term silverfish control, Formula 'P' Pro Fumers are best used alongside residual insecticides such as Pest Expert Formula 'C+' Advanced Silverfish Killer Spray and Formula 'P' Silverfish Powder as the smoke has no lasting effect once it has dispersed.

Apply at a rate of one Pro Fumer per 15 cubic metres. 2 Pro Fumers are required to treat a room of approx. 4m square with a standard ceiling height. Once the Fumers have been lit, the room should be closed and left for at least 2-3 hours before re-entering and then ventilated thoroughly upon by opening all windows and doors. Heavy infestations may require more than one treatment.

Formula 'P' Pro Fumer Silverfish Smoke Bomb (Twin Pack)
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