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Formula 'C+' Fly Killer Spray 5Ltr

Our Price: £34.95

Formula 'C' is a fast-acting insecticidal fly killer spray with a rapid knockdown effect. As well as killing flies on contact, Formula 'C' offers long-lasting residual protection, helping maintain fly control for up to 12 weeks.The spray be applied to fly breeding sites, alighting surfaces and sash windows for the effective control of cluster flies in lofts and roof spaces, house flies, and fruit flies in kitchens and other food preparation areas.

Formula 'C' is a professional strength insecticide containing cypermethrin at 0.1%w/w and is designed as a surface spray for the control of many insect pests including flies, fleas, cockroaches, moths, and ants.

Formula 'C' is water-based, so providing packaging instructions are followed, it is perfectly safe for use in homes with both children and pets and will not cause damage to any items that would not be damaged by water.

A 5 litre container will treat an area of approximately 100 square metres.

To achieve a thorough and professional application, we recommend you purchase one of our Pressure Sprayers (click on the link in the Related Products below).

Formula C Cluster Fly Killer Spray 5L
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Dean-Portsmouth-5 Stars

Fully informed on the progress of my order, happy with my purchase and will buy again if needs be!

Jo-Yeovil-5 Stars

Did what it said it would do! Happy with my purchase and will recommend you to others

Maggie-Sleaford-5 Stars

Did the job, would not hesitate to use this company again if needs be!

Jen-Liverpool-5 Stars

Got rid of the cluster fly problem I had, great products that work.

Gav-Retford-5 Stars

Fast delivery and great product. Killed the horrible cluster flies in my conservatory!

Penelope-Ilfracombe-5 Stars

Brilliant service - thank you

The description online was accurate & helpful; the goods were fairly priced & arrived promptly - what more could one ask?

Tony APG Plumbing-Milton Keynes-5 Stars

Cluster fly treatment. Very good service and prompt delivery ++++++++++++++++++++++++

Roy Wilson-Loughborough-5 Stars

If you want a first class, faultless service then look no further. This company provides what you need, on time, every time. Highly recommended. Their customer service is excellent, providing fast and thorough answers to any queries you may have.