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Formula 'C+' Fly Killer Spray 1Ltr

Our Price: £11.95

Fly Killer Spray

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced Cluster Fly Killer Spray is the new and improved formulation of our top selling product, Formula C. The advanced triple action, ready-to-use cluster flies killer spray is fast acting, with a long-lasting residue to maintain cluster fly control for up to 12 weeks.

The unique combination of active ingredients make Formula C+ the most powerful cluster fly spray available to the amateur market and the perfect product for quick and effective eradication of any level of cluster fly infestation.

As market leaders, Pest Expert’s latest formula includes two additional active ingredients. The first is pyriproxyfen, an innovative insect growth regulator that works by stalling the transition of the cluster flies life-cycle from juvenile to adult, leading to the inability of the cluster flies to reproduce resulting in no increase in numbers. The second new addition to the formula is chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium extract, a 100% natural pyrethrum, which when combined with the existing cypermethrin insecticide results in a synergistic effect, delivering an even faster knockdown and a more powerful longer-lasting residue to maintain control of the cluster flies full life-cycle. 

Being approved for both professional and amateur use, Formula C+ is a professional grade insecticide that can be safely used in the home. It is easy-to-use and can be applied directly to the window frames and exposed beams due it being water-based and non-staining, so will not cause any damage to household furnishings. Being low-odour and free from solvents, Pest Expert Formula C+ is safe to use in homes where there are children and/or pets, providing the instructions are followed and they are kept out of the room for 2-3 hours follow the treatment.

Pest Expert Formula C+ Advanced now offers an increased coverage of up to 50 sq meters per litre or 50 sq meters for a 1L container. Due to the potency, one application should be enough to successfully a cluster fly infestation, however, in instances of heavy infestation, a second application may be required. 

The active ingredients contained in Formula C+ are broad spectrum, so this powerful insecticidal spray is also effective against a wide range of crawling and flying insects including fleas, moths and bed bugs.

See also our comprehensive Cluster Fly Kits, which are supplied with step-by-step professional advice sheets.

Formula C Spray for Cluster Flies
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Louise-Doncaster-5 Stars

Great service and product, happy customer as always! Thanks

Susan-Plymouth-5 Stars

Great to do business with as always - order each spring and autumn and I am pleased every time

Martin-Brighton-5 Stars

Fast, effective and reliable! Exactly what I was looking for!

Brian-Newport-5 Stars

Bought this product due to the excellent reviews.... Now I know why! This product is great. Does as described - kills the flies!

Maddie-Horsham-5 Stars

Keeps the cluster flies away! Great product and delivered quickly

Geoff-Warwick-5 Stars

Excellent product, excellent price and excellent advice, can't ask for much else!