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Formula 'B' Mouse Killer Poison 1kg, Pest Expert (10 x 100g)

Our Price: £11.95

***Mouse Poison at Maximum Legal Strength***

Formula 'B' Mouse Poison is a highly-effective rodenticide that is far superior to the many gimmicky and often poor quality mouse baits available on the internet. Containing Brodifacoum, Formula 'B' is twice as effective against mice as Difenacoum and four times stronger than Bromadiolone.

Whereas other inferior poisons often contain a high wax content, reducing palatability and uptake, Formula 'B' is wax-free and is produced from only the finest quality whole wheat. This makes it highly attractive to mice, an essential factor in achieving rapid results and helping maintain successful mouse control.

With its active ingredient of Brodifacoum at maximum legal strength, Formula B's formulation is now the most powerful within the UK's amateur pest control market.

Formula 'B' Mouse Poison is perfect for eradicating mouse infestations in domestic situations such as in garden sheds, lofts or roof spaces, or beneath kitchen units, as well as being suitable for use in commercial contexts such as in warehouses, factories, restaurants, food premises, and farms.

When using Formula 'B' Mouse Poison, every effort should always be made to ensure that it is kept out of reach of children, pets and any other non-target species. If using outdoors or in other sensitive areas, Formula 'B' should be housed within our Heavy-Duty Locking Rat & Mouse Bait Stations. Please see related products below.

Contains Brodifacoum at 0.0029% w/w.

Authorisation No: UK-2017-1051-0001
Use Biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. 

Now supplied in 10 easy-to-use 100g measured sachets, enabling precise baiting for improved control. 

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Formula 'B' Mouse Killer Poison 1.5kg, Pest Expert (15 x 100g)

Formula 'B' Mouse Killer is a powerful mouse poison that is of far superior quality and efficacy to the many other mouse baits on the market. Formula 'B' contains maximum strength rodenticide, and is made from the finest whole wheat, which makes it extremely palatable to mice, helping achieve successful rodent control. Guaranteed to deliver rapid results, Formula 'B' Mouse Killer is suitable for use indoors. Supplied in 15 x 100g measured sachets for easy baiting.
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Customer Reviews

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Peter-Preston-5 Stars

Does exactly what it says on tub

Put bait down for 4 days and they took it all...felt like I was feeding them !!!! Started to panic ,thinking I had a major infestation.....and then there was nothing. Had been having problems for weeks catching the odd one or two using traps but now no more. Would recommend to anyone.

John Sheppard-Drayton-5 Stars

Good product, Good service, this is how it should be, Thanks

No more RATS.

P Bradley-Wigan-5 Stars

Exceollent Service

First class communications and service.

Keith-Aylesbury-5 Stars

easy click and delivered quick

Very user friendly website with a good description of the products, but above all its, quick, easy click with fast reliable service.

John-Upminster-5 Stars

Great for homeowners, not so great for the mice

Easy to order, very good postage service, and Pest Expert Formula B does the job.

MR T SLAVIN-St Austell-5 Stars

keeping pests away

Ordered on line and process was seamless. Goods arrived as promised within 36 hours. I was kept informed at all stages by email on status of order. Great service

Kevin-Grays-5 Stars


We had one little persistent mouse (well it was only ever one we saw). We put this mouse bait down only once and hey presto we have not seen him (or them) since. Now either he's got the hint or the poison works wonders. We have a sneaky feeling its the poison. In that case how can we not recommend it. It's brilliant!!! Excellent company to deal with and very fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Sheila-London-5 Stars

solved the problem.

1st class no more pest

Dennis Shaw-Rye-5 Stars

First class product.

Fast delivery, it does what is says on the tin!!

Lyn bailey-Manchester-5 Stars

This website was very simple to use and find your product fast and easy would recomend to anyone

Very fast and easy to use great website!

Matthew-Heathfield-5 Stars


The telephone rang in my office in the heat of Istanbul, Turkey. It was my wife calling from England to tell me that the mouse problem in our 12Century house was now getting out of control and that we needed to do something. I Googled pest control and your website came up. It was so easy to use, informative, clear and professional with excellent links and a business like feel, I didn't bother to look elsewhere. I ordered immediately, was impressed that I received confirmation quickly followed by another order update. My order arrived within 24 hours to the correct address in UK which was good enough, but better still, both products appear to have worked perfectly and the mouse problem has virtually disappeared. Thank you for an excellent service! Should any mouse be unwise enough to reappear I will be ordering more of the same.

tony Rayner-Billericay-5 Stars

Simple ordering and fast delivery

I found the product I wanted very easily and the choices were simple to sift. Ordering was a doddle and delivery was very fast. Delighted.

Mrs S E Bowen-Mitcham-5 Stars

Fast delivery and very easy to find product

The product I ordered is just what I was looking for and have already had success with its use. I have told my friends about the excellent service and product. It has given me peace of mind to know that the problem is being solved. Thank you

Ken-LINCOLN-5 Stars

Very Quick Delivery - item as described

Can't really say how effective this product is - we haven't seen any signs of a mouse since we used it !

Isobel-Wolvehampton-5 Stars

Mouse Pellets Arrived - Mice Now Gone

I ordered the rodent killer on-line and got instant confirmation that they had received the order and that it would be delivered the next day. I called the office, the next day at about 4.30pm as the parcel hadn't yet arrived. A very helpful lady took my number and checked on the delivery. She called me back within 2 minutes and confirmed that the order was on the van and would be delivered by 5pm. Sure enough, 2 minutes to 5 and the parcel arrived. Two weeks later, all the mice have gone and my garage is again a 'Pet Free Zone'

Ted Wright-Moulton-5 Stars

Good product, good service

Christine-Northant's-5 Stars

Brilliant Service!

I was more than pleased by the service received from Pest Control Ltd. I was kept informed by email on the progress of the order complete with a time slot on the day of delivery. Product purchased did the trick and are now rodent free. Many thanks

S Foster-Surrey-5 Stars

Product was as described, well packaged, arrived at exact time predicted. Would use this company again.

Amanda-Bristol-5 Stars

Had mice problems for about a year now. Tried every humane way of getting rid of them including ultrasonic sound etc etc. Bought two mousetraps off of this website and it got two mice in two nights. The mouse traps themselves are good as well because you don't have to touch the mouse - A star!

Customer-Keighley, W. Yorkshire-5 Stars

Pleased with quality and prompt delivery

Kim-Birmingham-5 Stars

Super fast delivery,mice eating it but as we don't know how many we have can't say about result's.but will say have tried 3 different poison which lay untouched for weeks,but they eating this,hope it works soon as had enough now of these pesky mice!!

Sheila-Ipswich-5 Stars

Fast service, excellent product too! The service was efficient & fast. Really pleased with the rat bait which has had the desired effect....

Adrian Downing-Slough-5 Stars

Daddy, mummy and their 4 children have been enjoying their little picnics in my Mum's back garden. (a nice choice of bird food to chow down on). Ignoring the shop bought rat killer put down by the OAP. Then suddenly the Angel of Death arrived with Rat Killer Poison 1kg- Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength Bromadiolone). "What's so special about your poison" cried the OAP...ITS's THE BUSINESS !! I replied. After the first session, the kids were Orphans..but don't feel they soon followed the next day. Rat killer Poison 1kg- Pest Expert Formula 'B' (Professional Strength Bromadiolone) = DEAD RATS.

Stephen-Northamptonshire-5 Stars

Great Service. Would always use prompt delivery and service.

Sandra-Hull-5 Stars

Finally got rid of the rats in my shed after two tubs of pasta bait and a box of bait blocks didn't seem to work I decided to go with the rat bait from Pest control supermarket and after a few days found a dead rat in the shed.

Peter Armstrong-Barnsley-5 Stars

Delivery was quick, poison worked fast, job done!

Mr Gareth Williams-Cardiff-5 Stars

We bought the Formula B mouse poison having discovered mouse droppings under our kitchen sink. The description of the product sounded promising and having tested it, I can confirm that it does work extremely well. I think we only had one or two mice but after only 5 days and a few trays of poison, the mice were no more. Problem solved.

Richard Wilkinson-Nottingham-5 Stars

Excellent mouse killer, delivered next day.... Good to deal with.