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Demi Diamond Kitchen / Food Moth Traps

Our Price: £11.95

The Demi-Diamond Food Moth Trap from Pest Expert is designed to attract and kill food moths. The potent pheromone impregnated into the sticky pad lures adult male moths to the trap, where they become stuck to the adhesive, thereby preventing reproduction, and reducing the food moth population.

The Demi-Diamond Trap is best placed freestanding in a room or kitchen and will offer protection from food moth damage for up to 12 weeks.

Food Moth Traps are ideal for ongoing monitoring of food moth activity within your property, alongside an insecticidal treatment, but can also be used on their own to keep moth numbers down.

This pack contains three holders and ten pheromone lure pads. The pad should be removed from the holder and the backing strip peeled off, before replacing the sticky pad into the holder, adhesive side facing outwards.

The lure pad should be changed every 12 weeks to ensure continuous food moth control. Replacement pheromone refills can be purchased separately in packs of 10 (see related products below).

This pack contains:

3 x Professional AF Demi Diamond Kitchen / Food Moth Trap Holders

10 x Pheromone Trap Lure Pads

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