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Cluster Fly Killer Kit (Containing Smoke Bombs)

Our Price: £28.95
This Cluster Fly Killer Kit includes Cluster Fly Smoke Bombs to initially flush out cluster flies in lofts or other areas, together with Formula 'C' Cluster Fly Spray and Formula 'P' Powder to apply to alighting surfaces and maintain lasting control. This kit contains a detailed advice sheet to enable you to carry out a professional cluster fly control treatment.  

This Kit contains:

4 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fumer Smoke Bombs

1 x Formula 'C' 1 ltr Cluster Fly Killer Spray

1 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder 300g

1 x Safety Mask and Safety Gloves

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

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Cluster Flies / Flies In Loft Kit (Containing Foggers)

Identical to the above Cluster Flies Control kit, but instead supplied with 4 x Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger fumigators, the new alternative to the traditional smoke bombs. This new fumigating device requires no matches to activate, eliminating any possible fire hazard and each Fogger also treats a much larger area (150 cubic meters per unit). Again, perfect for the treatment of flies in lofts, designed not only to eradicate existing flies but maintain control and help prevent future cluster fly infestations.
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Formula 'C+' Fly Killer Spray 1Ltr (Free Mask & Gloves)

Formula 'C+' Fly Killer Spray 1Ltr (Free Mask & Gloves)

Formula 'C' is a fast-acting insecticidal fly killer spray which has a lasting residual effect. Excellent for controlling all types of fly infestation, it is ideal for the treatment of cluster flies in lofts and fruit flies in kitchens and food preparation areas. FROM ONLY £8.99 WHEN ORDERING MULTIPLES!
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Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder

Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder

Formula P Cluster Fly Powder has a fast and long-lasting knockdown effect on cluster flies. Ideal for application to roof timbers, window frames and other alighting surfaces to help maintain cluster fly control.
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