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Cluster Flies / Flies In Loft Kit (Containing Foggers)

Our Price: £44.95
This Cluster Flies Kit is designed for the treatment of cluster flies in lofts (or autumn flies) which often invade homes in rural areas in the spring and autumn months, usually settling in roofspaces. This kit provides the new to market Pest Expert Formula 'P' Fogger fumigators to initially eradicate cluster flies in lofts or other areas, together with a residual 'trigger pump' spray and insecticidal dust to treat alighting surfaces and maintain control. This kit provides you with the same fly killer products a professional technician would use to carry out a cluster fly control treatment.  A detailed professional advice sheet is also included in the kit to help you perform a successful application.

This Kit contains:

4 x Formula 'P' Foggers
(each unit treating a full 150 cubic meters; unused Foggers can be retained for future use)

1 x Formula 'P' Fly Killer Spray 1ltr
(with trigger pump sprayer included)

1 x Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Powder 300g
(Twice the size of the previous Rentokil Insectrol!)

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

Please Note: No aerosol spraying systems will provide any residual protection and will only treat the small air space area in front of the unit, typically leaving 95% of loft space untreated!

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Formula 'P' Cluster Fly Fogger

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Customer Reviews

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Bradley-Newport-5 Stars

Easy to order and does the job fantastically. Fast delivery too!

Will-Stoke-5 Stars

Fast and efficient service. The products work and I no longer have cluster flies! Happy days

Sandra-Romford-5 Stars

This kit got rid of all of the cluster flies in my attic! Superb service and products

Hannah-Margate-5 Stars

A good selection of products and excellent, fast delivery.

Neil-Hampshire-5 Stars

Excellent company with excellent products! Kit came with a wide variety of products which were easy to use.

Dom West-Arundel-5 Stars

Great all round

A product that works, delivered quickly and at a good price

Mrs S Hughes-Bridgwater-5 Stars

First class company

I would recommend Pest control to all my friends they were so helpful will be using this company again.

Richard-Doncaster-5 Stars

Excellent service

I was kept informed by email from processing my order to completion and felt my order had been dealt with in a very professional way. I would recommend the service without hesitation.

Iris Day-Shelfanger-5 Stars

Fast efficient service with quick delivery.

Having had a huge problem with cluster flies this year we found your products the most effective solution we have tried so far.

Susan-Winscombe-5 Stars

The Biz!

Speedy service, products were well packaged, clearly explained and really worked. I was very impressed and would use Pestcontrol Supermarket again

Peter-Hickling-5 Stars

Order arrived earlier than expected

First class product and service loft area completely cleared of "Cluster Flies" in no time. Thank you

Fiona-St Ollen-5 Stars

Helpful, delivered as requested, good value for money

Good product, quick service, gave support when requested

Wendy-Co. Durham-5 Stars

Excellent service and product. Was kept informed from placing my order to receiving it. I was made to feel important as a customer and the product has done what it was meant to do. Well pleased. Thanks.

p moverley-east yorkshire-5 Stars

every time we went to caravan flies spoilt it ,they were everywhere so I looked on the internet and found ,pestcontrol supermarket .com after a talk with one of there staff I ordered a cluster fly kit with the foggers,it arrived next day . I fogged the caravan as advised and used the spray as well and I am now pleased to say that the flies don't bother us anymore , when I see one I know it wont last long

P Wadman-Norfolk-5 Stars

First class product and service. Loft area completely cleared of Cluster Flies in no time.

Chris Martin-Caldicot-5 Stars

If you have cluster fly problems then I can recommend the products from Pest Control Supermarket. The bundled packages are great value for money and extremely simple to use with the PPE mask essential in confined spaces. I prefer the Foggers since the Smoke Bombs can spark on first lighting them which is not idea in a dry loft area. I tape off all access doors from the loft to the house to seal the flies in as they will find any way out (light fittings etc). When safe to return to the loft there are literally thousands of them littered everywhere but that sees them off for another six months at least.