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Clothes Moths Control Kit 3 (Pest Expert Products)

Our Price: £83.95

This Clothes Moth Kit by Pest Expert is a professionally designed control kit for the eradication of a clothes moth infestation in 3-4 rooms. The comprehensive and careful selection of insecticides enable a fast knockdown of clothes moths and maintain long-lasting clothes moth control.

The kit includes 5 litres Pest Expert Formula ‘C’ Clothes Moth killer spray which is a fast-acting, long-lasting clothes moth spray which kills clothes moths on contact as well as leaving a residual film which continues to kill and protect for a 12-week period following the initial treatment. This highly effective water-based spray can be applied to any surface and will target all stages of the clothes moth life-cycle as they transition from stage to stage. A pressure sprayer is included to ensure that a professional standard application of insecticides is carried out. A five-litre bottle of Formula ‘C’ will cover an area of 125 square metres in a single application.

In addition to the spray, this kit also contains 3 Pest Expert Formula ‘P’ Foggers. The Pest Expert Fogger is a powerful fumigation device, releasing an aerosol containing the potent active ingredient Pyrethrum, providing rapid knockdown of clothes moths at surface level. The aerosol poses no fire risk, will not set a smoke alarm off and leaves no residue so it will not damage or taint any furniture.

We also include three twin packs of Pest Expert clothes moth killer hanging units and two twin packs of Pest Expert moth killing strips which are both excellent products for treating a clothes moth infestation. Using the potent active ingredient Transfluthrin (1.3% w/w), these highly-effective moth killer cassettes and strips target and kill the full life-cycle including adult moths, eggs and larvae. They are odourless and non-staining and effective for a 6 month period.

Finally, 3 Demi-Diamond moth trap and holders are included within this kit, allowing you to monitor moth activity in the home following an insecticidal treatment. In addition, the adult males are attracted to the lure pad, disrupting the breeding cycle and helping to reduce the amount of eggs laid which, in turn, helps to reduce the population of moths. Each pheromone pad will last 8-12 weeks.

This kit contains

1 x Formula C Insecticidal Moth Killer Spray with trigger (5L)

3 x Formula P Moth Killing Fogger
 (Safer, reduced fire risk. No sparking fuse or matches required)

3 x Twin packs Pest Expert Moth Killing Cassettes
(Effective for up to 6 months)

2 x Twin pack of Pest Expert Moth Killing Strips

3 x Demi Diamond Clothes Moth Trap

1 x Pressure Sprayer

1 x Step-by-Step Professional Advice Sheet

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Keith-Croydon-5 Stars

Good prices, especially after getting a quote from a pest controller! Does exactly as advertised. All products worked excellently and I am now moth free!

Jennifer-Salford-5 Stars

Not seen any more moth activity so it has done the trick! Just the right amount to treat my 3 bed house. Thank you

Hayley-Retford-5 Stars

One happy customer, well packaged and great value for money, works excellently, no more holes in my favourite jumpers

Phil-Blackpool-5 Stars

Easy to use, efficient service and works well. Already recommended you to my neighbours

Julie-Warwickshire-5 Stars

Products seem to have done the trick. Moths completely gone after just one treatment

Susan-Bridlington-5 Stars

Good quality products which are easy to use. Killed all of the horrid things!

Patricia-Newcastle-5 Stars

good speedy service thankyou

Hi thank you I appreciate your speedy service Pat