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Need to get rid of squirrels in your loft?
We sell squirrel cage traps, which allow you to humanely trap squirrels and remove them from your home.

Squirrels Fact File
The Grey Squirrel generally lives outdoors, usually building its dreys (nests) among the branches of trees. However, squirrels will occasionally gain access to homes and commercial premises, building their nests in roof spaces and lofts. Our recommended method for removal is to trap and release. If using a live trap, please be sure to check it at least once every 24 hours.

To get rid of squirrels in your loft, please find below our Squirrel Cage Trap - a humane method of trapping squirrels to remove them from your home.

STV Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap, STV088
The STV Rat & Squirrel Cage Trap is designed to enable both effective and humane capture of both squirrels and Rats. Complete with protective handplate and handle for safe handling and carriage. Comes complete with directions for use.
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