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Rat Poison Bait Blocks (225g) from Antec DuPont (Professional Strength)

Our Price: £5.95

Product Information

Like all our rodenticides, these top quality rat poison bait blocks have been professionally formulated to achieve optimal results, and are produced by market leaders Bell Laboratories, Inc. / Antec™ DuPont®.

With tests repeatidly showing them to far outperform the less pallatable difenacoum blocks and with a powerful concentration of Bromadiolone at the maximum professional strength, these Rat Bait Blocks are a highly effective rat killer able to control even warfarin-resistant rats, providing rapid eradication of a rat infestation in your home or business.

Rodent control in a single feed!

With cleverly designed multiple gnawing edges to encourage the rodents habit of gnawing and therefore feeding, together with a wax-free blend of food-grade ingredients make these blocks irresistable to rats. Such is the strength of the Antec™ DuPont® Rat Poison Bait Blocks that rats are able to consume a lethal dose of rodenticide in just one single feed, meaning you do not have to rely on several takes in order to achieve control.

Usage information

These easy-to-use pre-formed blocks simply fit onto rods for housing in our lockable rat bait tunnels, which are specifically designed for this purpose. This ensures that the bait remains secure, avoiding contact with non-target species as well as pets and children.

To use:

  • Place 2 x 28g blocks in a Lockable Rat Bait Tunnel and place stations along rat runs (or anywhere else activity has been noticed) at 5-10m intervals.
  • Check bait boxes every 7 days and replenish rat poison blocks as necessary until no more bait is taken.

These rat bait blocks are also totally weatherproof, making them ideal for use in both indoor or outdoor situations.

Supplied with Free Nitrile Safety Gloves for safe handling.

For larger rat infestations, these Rat Poison Bait Blocks are also available in bigger pack sizes of 1.8kg, 4kg and 8kg.

Highly recommended are our Rat Bait Block Kits, which contain both rat bait blocks and our lockable rat bait stations. These offer better value for money when compared to purchasing the items individually.

Rat poison bait block 8 pack at £5.95
Rat poison bait block 8 pack at £5.95
Our Price: £5.95
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