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Pest Expert Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Trap/ Sticky Mouse Traps (24 Pack)

Our Price: £14.95

Mouse Glue Boards / Glue Traps are a highly effective method of mouse control, delivering rapid results. Each mouse glue trap measures a full 22 x 14cm, with an extra strong adhesive. These mouse trap boards should not be confused with cheaper, inferior sticky boards that are often not strong enough to successfully trap mice! 

Suitable for home or business use. Ideal for difficult to treat situations such as food premises, or where control with mouse traps, mouse poison or baits have proved unsuccessful.

PLEASE NOTE: Mouse Glue Trap products vary considerably in terms of board and adhesive quality. Many glue traps available are often designed primarily for insects, or fail to trap as they are too small in size. Our mouse glue boards are always industrial strength.

Mouse Glue Traps by Pest Expert
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Customer Reviews

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Immie-London-5 Stars

Had a major mouse did a search and found this site on Google, the sticky traps advertised as 'industrial strength' so I took the plunge. The items arrived in a jiffy and we caught six mice in under a week. A problem that had been ongoing for 3 months was sorted that quick. Overall a quality company, service excellent, delivery quick and products devastated my local mouse community. Can't ask for more.

John Turnbull-Hull-5 Stars

These mouse glue boards really are industrial strength.... They trapped eight mice in just one night! Excellent result and all round good company to deal with. J.T.

lesley-edinburgh-5 Stars

Great company,their products are exactly as described. As I need rid of the mice, glue traps it is! 4 caught in a couple of days. Going to order more so I have them just in case.....

Dr Jon Miller-Stroud Green, London-5 Stars

I tried - poison pellets, traps, electronic repellents but nothing worked. So I tried your glue traps - day 1- 2 mice, day 2 - 3 mice, day 3 - 2 mice, at last something that really works. Easy, clean and easy disposal

Pauline-London-5 Stars

Excellent service, delivery next day. Put down glue boards and 3 mice captured in one night. Not the most humane way to deal with them but when all else has failed. Mice were killed straight away and not left to suffer.

Cole-Stockton on Tees-5 Stars

My elderly mum had mice running around the house for several months, we tried a variety of traps to no avail. Paid £50 pound to the council who did nothing different. We resorted to laying poisons, this didn't work either. Within half an hour of laying these boards the mice were caught and problem solved! So easy to use. Thank you so much!

Charlotte-London-5 Stars

I've tried everything to get rid of these mice and THIS product caught it in one day. Bloody amazing.

Peter the mouse trapper-Cardiff-5 Stars

Only had the boards down 1 minute caught him straight away superb

Susan-Cardiff-5 Stars

Bought sticky pads, put one downstairs and two upstairs, Within 15 minutes there were three mice caught, two on one pad and one on the other, at disposal we knew where they ended up, unlike poisoning where you don't know where dead mice are.

Tracy-Lancaster-5 Stars

The sticky paper has already caught 6 mice...Excellent.